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The Haka is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Maori People of New Zealand. This rhythmic dance is a proclamation of strength and prowess before encountering opposition. We all face challenges and struggles each and every day. Sometimes, it seems as if everything is a battle. But, we ask, WHAT IS YOUR BATTLE CRY?!?

People ask us all the time how we are different from other gyms. Here’s the answer…

Haka is different from other gyms, though many of the exercises look the same. Our staff is among the most educated and up to date Personal Training Staff in Central Florida to bring you the best for your body.

  1. We use a General Physical Preparation to warm up the body. This focuses on movements that compliment and enhance the main set.
  2. We never time a workout, though we do use a timer. Getting done first is not the objective. Rather, we use TEMPO to enhance the strength gains and timed rest to spotlight the metabolic load. We also feel that Olympic lifts should never be done “as fast as possible.”
  3. We never RX. Your “prescribed weight” can vary based on the factors in your life. Your “RX” for the day should keep in mind nutrition, stress, sleep, and where the workout falls within your program and goals.

At Haka, it’s a community approach to personal fitness!

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