Kale Salad– So frikkin good!

I am loving this recipe right now so much so that I just had to share it!! It has all the wonderful flavors of fall and kale is packed with every vitamin and mineral known to man 🙂   Ingredients: 1 bunch Kale 1 Pomegranate 3 Tbsp white wine vinegar 2 Tbsp Olive Oil salt  pepper 2 Tbsp […]

Kia Ora! Be well, Be healthy

Every so often, I find myself in a bit of a pickle. Ok, well actually if the truth be told, I seem to always find myself in strange situations. But that is a completely different conversation. It goes sort of like this: I am riding along, just cruising through life. My tunes are blasting in […]

Did Your Grandma Give You That Recipe? Part 3

Everything we see these days is better, greater, bigger, brighter, more eye-catching than the next thing. And that holds true in the grocery store, too. Every product is enhanced to catch the eye of the consumer….. and their children! So, this leads us to Nutrition Question #3:  Does that color occur in Nature? If it […]

Foam Rolling— It’s for EVERYONE!

Foam Rolling, or what some of our clients jokingly call “Torture,” is a crucial part maintaining a healthy, pain free body; improving sports performance; and just feeling better…. all accomplished on your living room floor… What?!?!? Hog Wash! How can one thing…. one very inexpensive thing, mind you…. make so much difference for so many […]

Advice from a Relationship Moron

Hello. My Name is Becca. I am a relationship moron. I’m not sure how it happened. My grandparents got married when she was like 14. They’re still together. My parents are tapping on the door of 35 yrs. My brother got married during my first serious relationship and umpteen stupid, moronic relationships later (mine, not […]

Did Your Grandma Give You That Recipe? Part 2

Question 2 to consider before you eat that: Would your Great Grandma recognize that food? There is no question that people of earlier generations had a better grasp on a healthy life. They produced their own food, ate three square meals (none of this snacking in between business), went to bed when it got dark, woke up […]

Did Your Grandma Give You That Recipe? Part 1

I have come to realize that when it comes to nutrition, people are not just kind of confused. People are so incredibly confused that they just simply quit trying. If the box deems it healthy in some way, shape, or form it must be and if it’s not I don’t know what is! I’m here […]

“Pure”-ly Pathetic Nutrition!

I consider myself to be pretty nutritionally savvy….. I follow a Paleo style of eating, I read labels…. I rarely get tricked by false statements on containers. Heck, I rarely eat anything out of a container! So, Imagine my surprise this past weekend when I realized I had never read the side of my “PURE” […]

Taking Action is not always Easy!

Every morning, I wake up and stand at the door to happiness. Most days I walk through. Some days, though, I just am not courageous enough to be happy. Courageous??? Yes, COURAGEOUS! It takes great courage to be happy. I believe this with every ounce of my being and I try to live this every […]