As a 17 year old teenager, concepts such as positive body image, confidence, compassion and understanding are extremely important to me. Rebecca has helped to transform not only my body but my overall body image. She has taught me the importance of being happy with my own body and is constantly reassuring me to trust […]

Rosa – A Success Story

After kid number 3 was born in August of last year, I became a stay at home mom for the first time. I quickly became overwhelmed with the ins and outs of everyday life. It was so much harder than sitting behind a desk and going to meetings all day. I wasn’t doing much for […]

Meet The Grubbs!

   I am so pleased to introduce our family and friends at Haka Fitness to a really cool family—The Grubbs! The Grubb Family, in so many ways, is representative of a great number of American Families today. Both parents work. There are afterschool activities, and rushed mornings, and late nights, and “what the heck are […]

Jen and Makenna

She dances anywhere from 9-15 hours a week during the school year and then even more in the summer during summer intensives. She doesn’t necessarily need to “get in shape” or lose any weight. However, about a year and half ago she started having problems with her hips, and eventually that lead to problems with […]