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Exercise….. properly.

Exercise is a hot topic. You can read silly articles in SHAPE magazine or watch ridiculous videos on YouTube of flashy moves that are two parts impressive and two parts death defying. Let me be very clear that incorporating exercise in your life does not have to be difficult, impressive, OR death defying to be […]

Haka Strength Series…

The Haka Strength Series is upon us. We are squat deep in the most recent programming and it feels good! Rolling out the Strength Series has been a bit of a change. For some, it’s awesome! Others, though, are a bit skeptical and wary of the change. Strength can be intimidating, no doubt about it, […]

What Doesn’t Kill You…..

… Might still be making you pretty damn miserable! We launched the Tribal Life Transformation a few weeks ago here at Haka Fitness. 85 people jumped on board ready to change their lives, ready to make some REAL Transformation! Each week during the six week program, we are focusing in on one aspect of health- […]

Movement Series 1- Thoracic Spine and Shoulders

We want you to get the most out of every workout. So we’re adding videos to give you the ins and outs of the moves we use. Take time to work on these at home and make your next Haka workout your best one yet! There is an epidemic Thoracic Spine and Shoulders tightness in […]

The Plank—Proper Form

Ohhhhhh, so you can plank for 3 minutes, huh? I’m going to go out on a limb and tell you that if you think you can, you aren’t doing it right. The PLANK is a full body exercise that requires you to put in a ton of effort— YOU make the work. The cool thing? […]

Kids and Fitness: A Few Rules of Thumb

Fitness for Kids is super important! It keeps them feeling good and keeps everyone who cares for them sane, too. But the world of kids’ activities has changed drastically over the last decade. Sometimes, it’s good to check in and make sure your kids’ activities make sense… They need movement, lots of it!   This might […]

It’s a Good Life… More or Less

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to remove stuff from my life. It really all came to a head last weekend when I literally loaded our leather couch onto a trailer and had it carted off to the Salvation Army. I just couldn’t stand the thought of wiping it down and I can’t even remember […]

Q&A: I Can’t Sleep. Help me SLEEEEEEEP!

Recently, we offered one of our FREE seminars aimed at getting clients healthier, happier, and moving better. This particular one was on supplementation; All the basics and some specifics to boot! As is often the case, people were so overwhelmed with info on that night that they don’t really know what to ask in the […]

Box Jumps: A Good Exercise?

Box Jumps: Too Dangerous? We’ve had a few injuries over the years at Haka Fitness related to Box Jumps including my own now permanently dented shin… I think it begs the question of whether or not they are a worthwhile exercise or just a way to look cool to everyone around. Head over to YouTube […]

Anchored in HOPE

  In the spring of 1998, I went to the pound and picked out a dog. Well, in reality, I suppose she picked me out. I didn’t like her at first with her multi-color eyes and big curly tail. But she loved me and my Memaw said that “a good dog picks you, you don’t […]