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Anchored in HOPE

  In the spring of 1998, I went to the pound and picked out a dog. Well, in reality, I suppose she picked me out. I didn’t like her at first with her multi-color eyes and big curly tail. But she loved me and my Memaw said that “a good dog picks you, you don’t […]

Which Frog Are You?

INERTIA: a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. Huh. I have bad news. Really, quite terrible news for you. Nothing is going to change without action or force. It just isn’t. I […]

We Are…

As is usual this time of year, we are getting bombarded with messages pushing us to try some new fitness or diet routine- 7-Day Juice Fasts, Weight loss programs that limit calories and have you looking like a cardio gerbil, Crazy (and often inappropriate) workouts a la Biggest Loser, Shake Drinking programs, Pills, Shots, etc […]

Goals, Resolution, Visions, Aspirations…..

Goals, Resolution, Visions, Aspirations….. Whatever you call them, we all make them. And we all break them, fall short, and leave them unfinished. This cycle of goal setting and failing, for many people, is the norm norm and creates a pattern that I call “Stagnant Inertia.” You know this phenomenon. Somebody is talking about some […]

Running like you stole something!!

Running like you stole something… It’s that time of year! No, not “The Holidays”….. RUNNING SEASON! There’s a crispness to the air and the protective dark envelope of the time change and every day another client shows up excitedly talking about doing a half marathon (or 20) or trying their hand at a marathon. Now, […]