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It’s a Good Life… More or Less

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to remove stuff from my life. It really all came to a head last weekend when I literally loaded our leather couch onto a trailer and had it carted off to the Salvation Army. I just couldn’t stand the thought of wiping it down and I can’t even remember […]

Frozen Deliciousness…. So Yummy and Kid Approved!

I like dessert. You like dessert (unless you’re weird). My nephews like dessert. Mark likes dessert. Baby Colt likes food. Healthy + Yummy + Dessert never seem to be in the same sentence, which is oh so unfortunate. I have your solution! I was recently introduced to these absolutely life changing silicone Popsicle molds and […]

Cheez-its, yes, CHEEZ-ITS!!

You know you love them. They bring back every wonderful childhood memory imaginable. What if, yes, what if, you could make them at home (then they aren’t “out of a package”), and they could be kind of sort of good for you, and they could even be so yummy that Mark gives a nod of […]

We Are…

As is usual this time of year, we are getting bombarded with messages pushing us to try some new fitness or diet routine- 7-Day Juice Fasts, Weight loss programs that limit calories and have you looking like a cardio gerbil, Crazy (and often inappropriate) workouts a la Biggest Loser, Shake Drinking programs, Pills, Shots, etc […]

Crappy Days to Happy Days

Crappy Days… we all have ’em The other day a client was telling me about her struggles with her teenager and it reminded me of this… One evening a few years back, I was maybe 30 yrs old, we were all sitting around the dining room table at Mom and Dad’s house. As we often […]

Be afraid of change… but do it anyways!

When we first began putting ideas on paper for Haka Fitness, we knew we wanted to be more than “a gym.” We wanted to be a center of community. We wanted to breathe fresh thoughts into people and encourage growth, knowledge and enlightenment. As the ideas began to flow and we began embracing the name […]

Advice from a Relationship Moron

Hello. My Name is Becca. I am a relationship moron. I’m not sure how it happened. My grandparents got married when she was like 14. They’re still together. My parents are tapping on the door of 35 yrs. My brother got married during my first serious relationship and umpteen stupid, moronic relationships later (mine, not […]