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Becca’s Fab Five- January Edition

It’s no surprise that I am a health junkie…. food, movement, stress reduction, sleep, hormones, brain chemistry, gut health…. you name it. I LOVE the Human Body with all of it’s mysteries and intricacies. New products and science are always coming down the pipe and it’s hard to know what to read, where to spend […]

Turning the Elf on His Head

Thanksgiving is over; You made it! As for me, I never even got to enjoy a plate of food or a beverage because I was too busy wrangling an almost 3 yr old and almost 1 yr old in classic Holiday meltdown mode. I actually think I lost weight. So, yeah, that’s my best diet […]

Happiness and Pleasure: Do you know the difference?

HAPPINESS and PLEASURE Do you know the difference? We live in a culture of pleasure. Everywhere you turn, there is another opportunity to give yourself the feel goods. But are all the ” because I deserve it’s” actually NEGATIVELY effecting your happiness? The latest research says so!! The chemicals in the brain that have to […]

BE A WEED: 5 Ways to Survive and Thrive

I LOVE to work in the yard… like, love love love love love it… but, it’s hard to get around to these days with a growing business, that pesky baby, and all the other stuff I have to do. With the kids finally getting a little less needy, I’m slowly catching up on 8 months […]

The Human Experience

I know my life is different than most. As the Lake of Knowledge grows, so does the Shore of Ignorance. And that shore, that’s what beckons me. It’s a gnawing desire so deep, so primal; it’s a constant urge to continue to grow, to learn. And yet even as my knowledge increases, as my experiences […]

Nurtured By Nature- A Breakfast Hike

We are continuously trying to find more and more ways to reconnect with the world around us and step outside of the confines of modern technology. The benefits of time in Nature– you know that thing we did all day, every day for the majority of human existence– are undeniable. If you just close your […]

The One Common Denominator

I was supposed to open a gym in the Fall of 2008. The building contract was started, the plans were drawn, the business plan was perfect. I had the logo, the schedule of classes, the equipment list. I even had my main employee hired and ready. The meeting was all set to sign my name […]

Stress in America!

Stress in America Stress is everywhere. So much so, as a matter of fact, that we no longer even recognize the far reaching impact it is having on our lives!! Each year, the American Psychological Association puts together a study called Stress in America in which they collect information from a large sampling of the […]

Sleep Interview with Dr David Young

You all know that lately I have been really harping on the importance of SLEEP. Sleep is the critical component missing in so many people’s lives and it is actually even MORE IMPORTANT than diet or exercise when it comes to achieving the health you desire. Unless you desire to feel crappy, crave carbs, hold […]

Exercise….. properly.

Exercise is a hot topic. You can read silly articles in SHAPE magazine or watch ridiculous videos on YouTube of flashy moves that are two parts impressive and two parts death defying. Let me be very clear that incorporating exercise in your life does not have to be difficult, impressive, OR death defying to be […]