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Haka House Meal Prep- Week 2: Saturday and Sunday

Alrighty… If you are following along, you have one week under your belt! Great Job!!! (Here’s the link to Week 1- Part 1 and Part 2) We are going to put a lot of those new ingredients you might not have used before to good use in the coming weeks. Plus if you froze Jalapeno […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Everyone likes a satisfying and sweet treat sometimes. I try to skew mine to be things that allow me to say YES when my kids ask, too. These peanut butter cups have a ton of good stuff going on. It’s basically the recipe put out by Mark Hyman with just a tiny tweak. I use […]

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Another quick and healthy weeknight meal! See how we put it all together in a week-long meal plan HERE! Ingredients: 2 Acorn Squash 1.5 lbs ground meat (I use 1 lb grass fed ground beef and 1/2 lb free range ground pork) 1 Tbsp rosemary 2 tsp thyme 1 Tbsp roasted garlic powder. 1 Tbsp […]

Tarragon Chicken Summer Salad

This is a great meal for the long summer days. Make the chicken salad ahead of time in a larger quantity. This will allow the flavors to combine and for you to have it for lettuce wraps at lunch! See how we use this recipe in a full week of meals HERE! Ingredients: Chopped or […]

Jalapeno Burger Balls

This recipe is easy to make and easy to double or triple. When you make it, do a big batch and freeze half of the formed burger balls for another night. We show you how to make this part of a great week of meals HERE… 1.5 lbs ground meat ( I like 1 lb […]

Grain Free Chicken Pot Pie

This is a yummy addition to the meal rotation! Make the filling on the weekend and then it’s a snap to finish it off for dinner. This recipe originally cam from HERE and I just made a few tweaks… You can see how this recipe fits into a week of Meal Prep HERE where we […]

Get Saucy!

We love sauces and make a lot of our own at home! Here are some of our faves…    Mayonnaise Mayo is so easy to make! Just do it. The stuff at the store is so full of crap and mayo can actually be a really healthy part of what you eat when made properly… […]

Haka House Meal Prep- Week 1: Saturday and Sunday

Our life is really busy with two kids and running the gym! Saturdays, I work in the morning. So, I only do a little prep on Saturday as I don’t want it to take away from family time. Most meal prep for us is done on Sundays. I like to wake up before everyone else […]

Haka House Meal Prep

Meal Prep has never been a huge part of my health life. The kitchen is my wonderland… I love to be there and create and I enjoy the process of preparing a meal. Because of my love for cooking, I always protect meal preparation time on pretty much a daily basis, or at least i […]

Kids Cook: Chia Pudding

Feeding kids can be hard… Don’t Battle, OUTSMART! Lately, Colt has been exerting his opinion (and seeming power) more frequently at the dinner table… and the lunch table… and the breakfast table. He loves allllll sorts of foods but has realized that my sole purpose in life is to nourish him and his sole purpose […]