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Haka House Meal Prep- Week 2: Mon-Thur

Here we goooooooo! It’s time to take everything you did this weekend (Part 1 is HERE) and put it into action. You are all prepped to put healthy and delicious meals onto the table for your family this week. Monday Today could NOT be simpler– Rosemary and Lemon Soup!! You have two options: Put it […]

Haka House Meal Prep- Week 1: Mon-Thurs

If you followed through on the weekend prep, you are ready to tackle dinners this week like a champ! Here’s how to put it all together… Monday Tonight is Jalapeno Burger Balls. These can be grilled or seared in a saute pan, your choice. Regardless, they take less then 8 min to actually cook on […]

Haka House Meal Prep- Week 1: Saturday and Sunday

Our life is really busy with two kids and running the gym! Saturdays, I work in the morning. So, I only do a little prep on Saturday as I don’t want it to take away from family time. Most meal prep for us is done on Sundays. I like to wake up before everyone else […]

Haka House Meal Prep

Meal Prep has never been a huge part of my health life. The kitchen is my wonderland… I love to be there and create and I enjoy the process of preparing a meal. Because of my love for cooking, I always protect meal preparation time on pretty much a daily basis, or at least i […]

How’s a Mom Supposed to Make Dinner?!?!?

One of my biggest struggles with feeding my family healthy meals is the fact that this little Tasmanian Devil child of mine requires my full attention. How the heck am I supposed to do meal prep when I have to devote all my attention to keeping my kid from climbing the ladder to the attic […]

I Am Certain….

To my Haka Tribe: I am exhausted. Literally, I am emotionally exhausted by the last week of life. Nearly five years we have been in this thing, nearly five years we have spent building a diverse group of people who have cried and screamed and sweated and laughed and lifted each other up out of […]

The One Common Denominator

I was supposed to open a gym in the Fall of 2008. The building contract was started, the plans were drawn, the business plan was perfect. I had the logo, the schedule of classes, the equipment list. I even had my main employee hired and ready. The meeting was all set to sign my name […]

The Space Between Us

“Bec, I NEED you to TELL ME what you WANT…” he implored. “Yes, well, I WANT you to KNOW what I NEED.” And there it was…. The space between us. It might as well be as wide as the Pacific Ocean and as life-sucking as the largest black hole, the words falling into it before they […]

Right Where You Need To Be… You’re Already There!

I have spent the majority of my life very frustrated. As I entered my sophomore year of High School, I had a very clear vision of what my life would look like. Each step was clear in my mind in a beautiful linear progression. My life looks nothing like that. Even as the years unfolded […]

The HOPE of a New Year!

It’s almost a new year. We’re so close, I can taste it! I love the new year. There is just something about the way it offers up a clean slate. I mean, January 1 is really no different than any other day. It’s not magical, the stars don’t line up differently, the only real thing […]