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Be a Weed: Survive and Thrive in a World Pitted Against You!

I LOVE to work in the yard… like, love love love love love it… but, it’s hard to get around to these days with a growing business, that pesky baby, and all the other stuff I have to do. With Baby Colt finally getting a little less needy, I’m slowly catching up on 8 months […]

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Why You’re Just “Fine” and Avoid Failure…

Mark and I moved into our home 5 years ago now. We bought it in foreclosure in the very neighborhood I grew up in here in Lakeland, and with a little sweat equity it’s really become a great house. We’ve put so much work into our house, but somehow in the five years we’ve lived […]

A Minute to Spare

I’ve always found the passage of time to be fascinating. Years can fly by, while minutes drag into infinity. When doing a workout in the gym, the 30 seconds of work seems to last an eternity, yet the 60 seconds of rest is gone before I can even blink (much to my dismay, I assure […]

Anchored in HOPE

  In the spring of 1998, I went to the pound and picked out a dog. Well, in reality, I suppose she picked me out. I didn’t like her at first with her multi-color eyes and big curly tail. But she loved me and my Memaw said that “a good dog picks you, you don’t […]

Which Frog Are You?

INERTIA: a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. Huh. I have bad news. Really, quite terrible news for you. Nothing is going to change without action or force. It just isn’t. I […]

We Are…

As is usual this time of year, we are getting bombarded with messages pushing us to try some new fitness or diet routine- 7-Day Juice Fasts, Weight loss programs that limit calories and have you looking like a cardio gerbil, Crazy (and often inappropriate) workouts a la Biggest Loser, Shake Drinking programs, Pills, Shots, etc […]

Be afraid of change… but do it anyways!

When we first began putting ideas on paper for Haka Fitness, we knew we wanted to be more than “a gym.” We wanted to be a center of community. We wanted to breathe fresh thoughts into people and encourage growth, knowledge and enlightenment. As the ideas began to flow and we began embracing the name […]

One Year Anniversary

We did it!!! I can’t believe we are through a whole year here at Haka… the time just flies by and POOF! It’s gone. After our One Year Anniversary Bash, I slept for 11 hours straight. What?!? It was an amazing celebration and an even more amazing year. Seriously though, the time just travels so […]

Kia Ora! Be well, Be healthy

Every so often, I find myself in a bit of a pickle. Ok, well actually if the truth be told, I seem to always find myself in strange situations. But that is a completely different conversation. It goes sort of like this: I am riding along, just cruising through life. My tunes are blasting in […]

Foam Rolling— It’s for EVERYONE!

Foam Rolling, or what some of our clients jokingly call “Torture,” is a crucial part maintaining a healthy, pain free body; improving sports performance; and just feeling better…. all accomplished on your living room floor… What?!?!? Hog Wash! How can one thing…. one very inexpensive thing, mind you…. make so much difference for so many […]