Fitness Services Available At Haka Fitness


Haka Fitness provides a variety of services for your fitness and nutrition needs. We offer Group Training, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Nutrition Consultation, Life Coaching Services, and Group Running Programs. Combining these services will help you to find the perfect match for your individual fitness needs, as well as the motivation to keep you going when the going gets tough! Reaching your goal is as simple as taking the “next right step.”

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Please check out the pricing below and click on the titles for more descriptions.

Haka Fitness Training

1x / week – $64 / Month

2x / week with Autopay – $94 / Month

2x / week – $114 / Month

2x / week + 1 Semi Private Session
a week with Autopay – $169 / Month

3x / week with Autopay – $124 / Month

UNLIMITED with Autopay – $144 / Month

Semi Private Training

1x / week – $110 / Month

2x / week with Autopay – $195 / Month

2x / week – $210 / Month

2x / week + 1 Haka Fitness Training
a week – $220 / Month

3x / week – $310 / Month

3x / week with Autopay – $275 / Month

Group Exercise Class

1x / week with
1 HFT or SPT a week – $25 / Month

UNLIMITED – $40 / Month

Youth Fitness

1x / week – $65 / Month

Senior Fitness

2x / week – $80 / Month
3x / week – $110 / Month

Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes

There is nothing quite as electric as a room full of people working hard towards a common goal! Group Exercise classes are another essential component of your fitness lifestyle. Our Zumba, Yoga, Strength, and Cardio classes are led by some of the best instructors around. Join us for a relaxing post-workout flexibility class or a weeknight Zumba dance party! Whatever you choose, you’ll feel the difference at Haka Fitness!

Youth Exercise Classes

Youth Membership

Young athletes need a place to stay fit both in season and off season. We have a solution! Youth members (ages 12-18 yrs) learn how to prevent injury, improve performance, and complete strength and conditioning workouts at Haka Fitness. Monthly membership provides these young people with guided training in a safe environment.

A certified trainer oversees the workout to improve form, suggest options for different exercises, and provide sport specific suggestions for warm-ups, flexibility work, and injury prevention. Students track progress through assessments performed at regular intervals.

Training at Haka Fitness

Haka Fitness Training

Haka Fitness Training is at the core of what we do. What better way to live a healthy, balanced life than to surround yourself with others who share that samedesire? Our Haka Fitness Training programs are systematic and safe with each workout providing a purposeful approach to some aspect of fitness (pushing strength, pulling strength, rotational stability, strength endurance training, etc). Each time slot rotates through workouts with these specific functions in mind to provide full body, calorie blasting, strength building opportunities at every turn. 

These sessions are limited to 10 people per slot and participants must be signed up prior to arrival.

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Semi Private Training

Semi Private Training is also an excellent option that blends the group power of Haka Fitness Training with the personal touch of Private Training! This option provides a more personal session letting the trainer meet the needs of the participants but still giving participants that team feel and the motivation of a group. Clients participating in semi private training get the benefit of purposeful program design targeting their individual goals.

Senior Fitness Programs

As the body ages, the needs change. Senior Haka Members can take part in workouts designed specifically for them! Flexibility, balance, and functional movement form the core of every workout in our Senior Fitness Program. Working 2 or 3 times weekly in a small group setting allows senior members to meet their individual needs and enjoy the camaraderie of others looking to stay fit for the long run!