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Simple Silence

People today talk a lot about carving out time for themselves, or “making alone time.” I’m actually not sure how much that makes sense. When I try to imagine humans from an ancestral or Primal perspective… You know the way we were for most of human history, it’s hard to imagine that there really would […]

Nurtured By Nature- A Breakfast Hike

We are continuously trying to find more and more ways to reconnect with the world around us and step outside of the confines of modern technology. The benefits of time in Nature– you know that thing we did all day, every day for the majority of human existence– are undeniable. If you just close your […]

The Space Between Us

“Bec, I NEED you to TELL ME what you WANT…” he implored. “Yes, well, I WANT you to KNOW what I NEED.” And there it was…. The space between us. It might as well be as wide as the Pacific Ocean and as life-sucking as the largest black hole, the words falling into it before they […]

Simple Parenting

Dear pregnant client who confided in me today how terrified you are to raise a child, Please know that God made you expressly for this purpose, that he breathes into you the very knowledge and instincts you need to care for your child. Please don’t read anymore books. They serve only to make you believe […]

Relationships are at the Core of Humanity

Humans are communal beings.We are designed to engage in relationships. Throughout history, we have lived in groups of 40-50 individuals and worked together for the common good of the group. It was unheard of for a human to be alone for any length of time, by choice, and literally every part of daily living was […]

Foundations of Health

The Butterfly Effect, an idea within chaos theory, states that a tiny difference in the initial state of a physical system can make a significant difference to the system at some later point. In other words, the smallest shift extrapolated out ultimately creates a trajectory with a very different endpoint. This idea proves true in […]

What Doesn’t Kill You…..

… Might still be making you pretty damn miserable! We launched the Tribal Life Transformation a few weeks ago here at Haka Fitness. 85 people jumped on board ready to change their lives, ready to make some REAL Transformation! Each week during the six week program, we are focusing in on one aspect of health- […]

Right Where You Need To Be… You’re Already There!

I have spent the majority of my life very frustrated. As I entered my sophomore year of High School, I had a very clear vision of what my life would look like. Each step was clear in my mind in a beautiful linear progression. My life looks nothing like that. Even as the years unfolded […]

The Other Side of The Line

Sometimes, you have to “draw a line in the sand.” You have to step across and know that you’ll never be quite the same again. In her book Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin calls this the Lightning Bolt. It’s an instance where it just clicks, makes sense, and suddenly it’s just so clear that the […]

The HOPE of a New Year!

It’s almost a new year. We’re so close, I can taste it! I love the new year. There is just something about the way it offers up a clean slate. I mean, January 1 is really no different than any other day. It’s not magical, the stars don’t line up differently, the only real thing […]