Haka Fitness Testimonials

Testimonials from our clients let us know what a wonderful job we are doing. We love hearing back since we then use this to make what we do better!

My daughter is an aspiring dancer. She dances anywhere from 9-15 hours a week during the school year and then even more in the summer during summer intensives. She doesn’t necessarily need to “get in shape” or lose any weight. However, about a year and half ago she started having problems with her hips, and eventually that lead to problems with her back. We spent hours and months going to the chiropractor, which helped relieve the pain, but the problem still persisted. My daughter’s dance teacher recommended that we give Becca, aka Haka Fitness, a try. Honestly, at that point, I figured why not we had nothing to lose. Long story short, Becca blew me away with her knowledge of how certain muscles affect other muscles and within 10 minutes she knew exactly what the problem was, how it happened and the course of action we needed to take. Before we knew it, my daughter’s extensions were back to where they use to be and even better! Her back was stronger (therefore the pain was gone) and she is able to dance 100% again. Although, my daughter is no longer experiencing any pain at the moment, I continue taking her every week for several reasons, but mainly because I think it is invaluable to have someone with so much expertise, like Becca, in our lives. She is, in my opinion, the best in Lakeland and I am extremely thankful for her and am so excited about Haka Fitness, LLC. -Jen and Makenna