Wednesday Musings: Emergency Sunday Scaries Edition

I felt great this morning. I went through my morning routine (more on that later this week), I got showered up, started my laundry, and was sitting in the grocery store line when I was struck with an idea for a blog. The Sunday Scaries! Everyone has them to some degree, but do they know how to get through it, make sure they don’t let it overcome them and set them back for the week?


I rushed home, started some meal prep, lit a scented candle, whipped out my computer, and...nothing. The words weren't coming and my mind was filled with a bunch of things I still needed to get done. My great mood was being ruined by a combination of feeling frustrated that I couldn't write a blog I was feeling I needed to write and by the items on my to-do list that still needed doing.

It sucked. My anxiety started going up and all the good feelings I had built up in morning were draining out of me as I began to feel The Scaries creep up on me. So I blew out my candle, shut my laptop, and started doing the remaining items on my to-do list. One by one I started knocking them out and little by little my good feelings from earlier started to return. And that’s when it hit me.

The honest to God cure for the Sundays Scaries? It’s not meal prepping, or laundry, or cuddling up under a warm blanket and watching Netflix. It’s being selfish, taking a little me time, and doing whatever the hell it is you want to do. The moment I stopped making my Sunday about what it is I wanted to do and started focusing on what I felt I needed to do, my mood just plummeted. Going about my day, being productive, and prepping for my week ahead had me feeling on top of the world. Sitting in front of laptop, pounding a keyboard looking for wisdom, and feeling a need to give advice to frustrated people had ME feeling frustrated.

So whether it’s cleaning the house, prepping some food, hanging with the family, or shutting up the blinds and laying in bed, just make sure you are spending your Sunday doing what it is you WANT to do, not what you feel you NEED to do. Doing this won’t automatically cure your case of the Sunday Scaries, but it’s a damn good place to start.