Wednesday Musings: It Ain't Rocket Surgery

Last week Becca put up post about a recent client of ours named Joe. I did not work with him so I don’t know the exact specifics but Joe came to us with a decent amount of knee pain and was weighing the option of whether to get knee replacement surgery. Being an avid runner, knee surgery sounded like a nightmare scenario for Joe. He began working with Becca once or twice a week for thirty minutes a session as well as doing work on his own, and low and behold 6 weeks later his running performance has improved and his knee pain as decreased significantly!

Sounds too damn good to be true, right?!

No, not really. Joe isn't some genetic freak. He isn’t on a performance enhancing drug. Becca didn’t break out any super secret tribal voodoo to fix him (maybe she did, but what Becca chooses to do in the privacy of her own home is her business). Would you like to know the secret of how Joe managed to improve in such a short time? The answer is much simpler than you think.

Joe fuckin worked.

He came to Becca with a goal in mind and he emptied his cup. He asked to be taught and to be worked with and to be given the tools to HELP HIMSELF...and he listened.

See change isn't all that complex. It’s built upon doing a lot of small things correctly over a period of time. Unfortunately this is where most people get lost. They think it’s enough to work out and stretch for 2 hours a week, completely forgetting the other 166 hours in the week. During the rest of the week they think they continue to eat like shit and sleep like shit and sit around like a sloth, yet they still expect change. They come to Becca and I, asking why oh why they can’t seem to lose a pound or why they are always in pain, and we give the standard questionnaire of how much they've done on their own and what the rest of their week looks like. And they say yes I need to do more and yes I’ve been stretching and yes I need to get more sleep and yes I need to eat a little better.

But it rarely ever works. People have been coming to us for years yet still have the same problems. And I hate to toot my own horn (no I don’t) but it sure as hell ain’t because Becca and I don’t know what we are doing! Rather it’s because people refuse to make the small, consistent changes in their day to day lives that yield massive results over time.

Joe fixed his knee in 6 weeks by adding 3-4 stretches and exercises into his daily routine. Imagine what he can do if he sticks with it for a year! Imagine what you can do if you stop making excuses and change your routine!

So empty your cup, stick to the plan, and let’s get to work.