Wednesday Musings: 3 Habits to Start and 3 To Leave In the New Year

Happy New Years world! Or I guess I should say day after New Years, but whatever! By now the champagne headache should be gone and perhaps you’ve started reflecting on this past year and all the life changes it brought. Maybe you’ve even set some goals or given yourself a mantra for the new year, something to strive for to help improve your life. And hell, maybe you’re like me and feel really great about how this past year ended and are just hoping to keep the momentum rolling into the new one so you can continue crush life! My hope is that you are all feeling the latter!

No matter what your approach to the new year may be though, you could probably use some help getting where you'd like to be. And the best way to ensure you are successful in your goals for this year is to begin building successful habits, as well as ditching habits that are holding you back. And has it just so happens I am the king of finding optimized routines and habits and I want to share them with you, as well as giving you some examples of things that are probably better to be left in the dust! Some will be super tangible and easy things to do every day that will improve your life. Others are a little more abstract and require a little introspection. Either way I think you’ll get a lot out of them!

Habit to Pick Up: Post Meal Walks

This here is one of them tangible habits I was talking about! Probably the best bang for your buck habit you could pick up this year is taking a 10-15 minute walk after most of your meals. You’ve probably heard of a lot of people doing this and shit, you probably partake in this one from time to time as well! But there are several good reasons why you should be doing it as often as you can including aiding in digestion, helping to regulate blood sugar, and (hopefully) giving your eyes and brain a break from looking at a screen. Eating food is a wonderful and incredibly important aspect of life. Feeling bloated and lethargic afterwords is not. So take a walk!

Habit to Drop: Drinking More than Twice A Week

College Jake just rolled over in his grave. And he’d do a barrel roll at this next part; I’m not just talking binge drinking, like seriously just don’t drink any alcohol more than once or twice a week. Not only are your 1-2 drinks a night a fun way to rack up some empty calories, it also is likely negatively affecting your sleep. While alcohol can help get you to sleep faster, it wrecks your bodies ability to get into deep REM sleep. So put down the vino and chug a few extra glasses of water before bed this year, save the drinking for those crazy college kids.

Habit to Pick Up: Fasting

Fasting is so hot right now. Like seriously it is! You can read just about any health and wellness journal or book and you are bound to see an article or two about the benefits of fasting, and for good reason! It can help regulate blood sugar levels, increase growth hormone, fight inflammation, help boost cognitive function, and at the very least can be a decent way to manage your caloric intake.

Now I’m not talking fasting for 48 hours or a week or something like that, you can get most of these benefits by using a fasting window between 14-18 hours. Picking somewhere between 3-5 days a week to fast is probably best for most people and will allow you to still get a lot of really great benefits!

Habit to Drop: Sugary Ass Coffee

This one doesn't need a lot of explanation. You know it’s bad for you, I know it’s bad for you, everyone knows it’s bad! Their is so much wonderful and nutritious food out there to eat, why waste valuable caloric space with sugary creamers?! Just stop it. Drink it black or with a splash of half and half if you absolutely need to but actually just stop it. This is pretty much the baseline of discipline you need to be able to show if you have any weight loss goals for the upcoming year and without (not really) being a total asshole, if you can’t do this know that I would make a hefty wager you will end up failing. Just stop.

Habit to Pick Up/Habit To Drop: Believe That You Can/Stop Doubting Yourself

Alright so i'm cheating a little bit here on my last two points, but this is likely the most important one. This is the change that will guide all of your choices, fuel your resolve, and will be the catalyst for your success.

One of the most frustrating things I see in people is their lack of faith in themselves. Whether they believe they can’t lift  a particular weight, execute a movement, or make a particular lifestyle change, I’ve seen fear keep people from reaching their full potential countless times. Whether it is fear of failure or of the unknown people will refuse to do something unless they are forced into it, only to realize that they were capable of doing it if they would just get out of their own way! But what happens when you step outside of the gym? What happens when you come a choice and Becca or I aren't there to tell you that you can do it? Do you panic? Freeze? Run away? You are a human being, capable of fighting tigers, curing diseases, creating life! Who the hell are you to be timid and hold yourself back from all that you are capable of?! Believe in yourself, make your choices and execute them with intention and without regret. It’s the only way to transform your life the way you want to.

The new year is a great time to take stock of your life and set goals for improvement. These successful goals are going to be fueled by good habits. And these habits are a great place to start. But these habits will only be sustainable with self discipline and confidence. We want to help give you the confidence and knowledge that it takes to not only add these habits, but many others which will help you transform your life. Below is a link to our Tribal Life Transformation Program. It’s an 8 week program that will not only introduce you to these habits but many others which will help you build a foundation that you can use to not only crush your goals this year, but change your life!

Change is hard and requires hard work, but together we can do it! Join us this new year and let's crush 2019!