Wednesday Musings: Honest Evaluation and Realistic Goals

In last weeks post, 3 Habits to Start and 3 to Leave in The New Year, I talk about the new year, setting goals, and habits that can help push you towards success on the way towards those goals. I also made a point to emphasize the importance of taking stock of your life and assessing where you are in relation to where you want to be. And while this is very true (any time most people around you are thinking of making changes is a good time to look at your own life) New Years is far from the only time we should be assessing our life and setting new goals.

You don't check your bank account once a year. You don’t get your car looked at once a year. Hell people who brush their teeth twice a day go to the dentist at least twice a year! So why would we only take a deep dive into our life and our health ONE time a year? Are you afraid of what you might see? Too scared to see how far you are from the last goal you set or too proud to admit that maybe plan just isn't working?

Being honest with yourself is a scary and often shameful practice. I’ve felt the sting of defeat as I step on the scale or fail a heavy lift, I’ve had the sense of disappointment when a relationship was not what it seemed or my choices didn't give me the result I was hoping for. But I’ve also come to see how much of a learning opportunity these disappointments can be. Not only for building toughness and teaching me resiliency, but also serving as checkpoints, lessons to show me where I need to adjust my course.

We also need to learn to adjust our goals and alter our trajectories as we learn from these experiences and gain more understanding. You are extremely different than the person you were just a year ago. Your goals should reflect that. What made sense for your health, your finances, and social needs yesterday may not make as much sense today. Now this isn't to say you just give up and switch goals or alter paths just because the going gets tough, there is a delicate line to walk. But there is no shame in realizing something just doesn't make sense for you anymore and it’s a necessary skill when you are trying to become the best, happiest version of yourself.

Look, I’m overjoyed by the amount of people wanting to make life changes and I’m even happier to be on the helping end of many people trying to put those changes to action, but the flipping of the calendar should not be the only time this happens. Life is a series of twists and turns, triumphs and disappointments. Instead of taking each one as chance or drawing it up to dumb luck, examine and learn from it. And with a bit of luck and lots of hard work, change your course and your life.