We Are What We Choose To Be

Newton's 3rd Law of Physics states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every input there is a corresponding output. When something is done, something responds by happening. I could think of a million half baked variations of this, but I think you get the point. Do you understand that this same process plays out in your life, with every single decision you make?

Every decision we make, whether it's the food we eat, the exercise we do, the love we put into our relationships, or the effort we put into our careers, creates a reaction. Eat healthy and exercise more? Your body will grow and become stronger. You’ll look like and become a person who cares about their health. Show more attention to our loved ones? You’ll look like and become a person who looks as if they have good personal relationships. Give more effort and focus to your job? You’re going to look like you give a shit about your job!

See, one of my favorite John Welbourn-isms is that form follows function. In exercise this means that we are going to look like and be good at the things that we repeatedly do. Someone who squats a lot of heavy weight is going to have big, strong legs. Someone who does bicep curls and triceps extensions all day will have big arms. Someone who runs sprints will have thick legs and glutes, with lots of explosive power, while an endurance runner will have smaller legs made of slow fatiguing muscle fibers. Is it possible these people picked their activities based on their body type? Perhaps. But it is far more likely their bodies have become adapted to their activities. Their form has followed their function.

That’s how this plays out in our exercise. But how many people can look at their lives and see this exact equation playing out? Do people live lives without meaning? Or do they live their lives in a constant state of making safe, purposeless choices which in turn make their life feel meaningless? Do we not have meaningful relationships with friends, family, and significant others or do we make choices which hinder our ability to have these meaningful connections? It’s possible. But it is far more likely that our form is following our function. We lack meaning and connection because WE don’t make the decisions that people who do have meaning and connection make.

Look, I don’t have all the answers. Becca doesn't have all the answers. And anyone who tells you THEY have all the answers is a liar. Life is an ever changing map with a constantly shifting set of rules, no one answer is right for everyone all the time. Most of the time we have a split second to make a decision with nothing but our gut and our head to guide us. But one of the things I know for certain is that if we want to be something, we alone have the power and responsibility to make the choices necessary to become that. I know that our lives will be meaningful by choosing to live with meaning. And that our form will follow our function.