The Perfect Time Is Now

As I sat down to write this blog post, I admittedly got a little nervous. An excited, ready to get it back going nervous, but nervous nonetheless. I’ve taken a decent bit of time off from writing and social media in general. There wasn't necessarily a reason for it. Maybe a bit of burnout? A little bit of slowing down in the gym affecting my motivation? Probably both.  

But I’ve been itching to get back lately. I haven't had any one topic burning out my chest, no particular kick in the ass to get me motivated; I just wanted back in. But I was a little anxious to start it back up. Like many people who try and get back into an old hobby or back into a fitness regiment, I asked myself a lot of the same questions “Am I going to be any good at it now?” “Will doing this actually make a difference?” Everyone has these thoughts when trying to step back into an old pursuit. And too often they are the lingering doubts that prevent us from starting or truly dedicating ourselves to going after that old pursuit. 

We wait for the timing to be just right, or for circumstances around us to settle down before we make a move. But here’s the truth I’ve learned over the past couple months. Circumstances are NEVER right. As it turns out no matter how great or smooth life is, there will always be varying levels of shit you have to deal with. If it’s not emotional shit it will be physical shit. If it’s not physical it will be financial. If it is not financial it will spin to time management. Different shit, same results. 

So here I am, with the same doubts and problems that any of you might face, starting back on an old pursuit that may not even make a difference and that I might suck at. But I’m going to take the first step and write it anyways. I’m doing it because it should have been done months ago. I’m doing it because the perfect time to start again is never going to present itself. I’m doing it because the perfect time to do it is now.