Christmas Gifts for an Active Family

We are getting close to Christmas..... like, reallllll close. It can be hard to know what to get for the active family, or the family that is trying to bump down the grasps of technology and do more outside. This is a short list of the Game Changers in our family, including for my nephews who are older than my kids. I'll keep adding as I think of stuff that has made a difference. So keep checking back! **Disclaimer: Yes, these are all affiliate links. The price doesn't change, but a small percentage gets kicked back to me to allow me to continue spending time writing in my blog. It's like purchasing from a small business, with the convenience of the internet and PRIME shipping ;-) **


Christmas Gifts for Active Kids

Zycom Scooter: This scooter is a game changer. It is inexpensive, sturdy, and uses a very cool balance/suspension system. Your child will learn to shift their weight to guide direction rather than to just turn the handles. Colt got this last Christmas righ before he turned 2 and was zooming down driveways within two months!

Huggle Pod: The Huggle Pod is great to encourage an outdoor snuggle space to curl up with a book or play pretend and it doubles as a safe swing. A big hit at our house!

Gonge River Stones: These don't look like much but we have had a blast seeing if we can jump (one footed or two footed) or "cross a river full of sharks" (hey, shit happens... sharks in rivers is truly terrifying!).

SmartTrike: This thing is awesome to grow with kids. It starts as something you push and the pedals and steering are locked off. Eventually you can click on pedals and steering but still have a handle for when they get tired. Then you remove all that and you have an independent tricycle. Bam!

Tumbling/Wrestling Mat: This folds out quickly and easily for indoor fun like tumbling and wrestling.

Kid's Workout Set: I. LOVE. THIS..... 'nuf said!

Vtech Kid's Digital Camera: This is what I'm getting my nephews this year. They have shown a lot of interest in taking pictures and I'm hoping to use it to get us out hiking more!

Kid's Stocking Stuff

Thinking Putty: My son plays with this in the car and stroller. It is special just for those places and he loves it!

Yum Lollipops: It's still candy. But when you CAN do better, you should.

Tree Hugger Gum: This is the gum he chews. It's still a treat but he loves to pick out his color/flavor.

Mash ems: I have no idea why these are the best thing on Earth. But Colt says they are....

Christmas Gifts for an Active Family

For the WHOLE FAMILY these FIT Kicks are great! We use them for hiking, the skate park, romping at the park and playing in the gym. They allow natural foot movement and strength with a protective, gripping sole. The Ninja Line has been a great way for all of us to have fun in the yard and get movement in together. We paired ours with a Slack line.

We have also been enjoying spending more time in nature, which means camping. This Camp Grill is GREAT and these Lucy Lights are fantastic, too!

For a mom with a toddler or young child and a baby, there is no thing more amazing than the Ergo Baby. This has been the ONLY way I have survived. Yes, it is expensive... and worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Research shows that wearing the baby in a forward position is really stressful on the developing hips of the baby. Wearing the baby facing in helps with the correct positioning and development.... plus, you can absolutely nurse the baby IN the Ergo Baby while doing stuff or just to relieve the "nursing neck." This is a life saver. I can't say it enough.

For the Healthy Cook

Doghouse Forge: This is an extravagant gift. Every piece is completely handmade and absolutely beautiful. I have one knife.... and it's the only knife I use. This is not an affiliate link of any kind. It is just that their stuff is absolutely the most beautiful gift ever for someone who loves to cook.

Bamboo Lettuce Knife: This thing is cool and functional.

Fermenting Lids for Mason Jars and The Vinegar Revival make a beautiful and thoughtful combo!

For the Kombucha lover... a Kit to make it at home!

Another extravagant one, but this Brod and Taylor knife sharpener (seen in pic above) looks cool while also being the actual best one you can get!