Be afraid of change... but do it anyways!

FernWhen we first began putting ideas on paper for Haka Fitness, we knew we wanted to be more than "a gym." We wanted to be a center of community. We wanted to breathe fresh thoughts into people and encourage growth, knowledge and enlightenment.
As the ideas began to flow and we began embracing the name Haka Fitness, it became clear that we needed a symbol to represent everything we hoped for ourselves, our business, and our members. The KORU was the clear choice. The olive green swirl at the center of the Haka logo is a traditional Maori symbol pervasive through the history and representative of an ideal that can speak to all of us. Based on the shape of a new unfurling fern frond, the simple spiral reminds us of deep-rooted truths and points us to the beauty of nature for life's greatest lessons.
1. Perpetual Movement:
First and foremost, the Koru symbolizes perpetual movement. Growth. The amazing idea that the only way to get where you want to go is to MOVE IT!
2. Reach For The Light:
In nature, a plant always turns to the light. Sometimes this creates a twisted or distorted stem, but it is a matter of survival and the only hope for the seedling to reach its full potential. In even the darkest of moments, there is at least a crackle of light. Reach for it!
3. Let Your Roots Run Deep:
Deep roots are a sign of a healthy plant. The roots spread through the soil creating a network from which the plant feeds itself. Similarly, your own roots (your history) feeds your soul and helps you to grow. Know where you come from. Forgive the past. Embrace your failure.
4. Life is Sacred.
I have no idea how a plant knows to reach for the light or grow its roots deep. I cannot explain dinosaurs or light years or bumble bees, and I hope I never can. The mysteries of the world are a constant reminder that we are a mere speckle is a much much bigger picture.
Kia Ora, My friends!