Becca's Fab Five- May Edition

I LOVE the Human Body with all of its mysteries and intricacies. New products and science are always coming down the pipe and it's hard to know what to read, where to spend your dollars, and when to focus your energy. I thought it would be helpful to show you just FIVE things I'm loving each month. Maybe a recipe, or a book, or an exercise or stretch..... Maybe a product, or a podcast, or a restaurant or venue. I'm giving you ONE THING in each of the areas of our Four Cornerstones or Health, plus a bonus. I hope you'll try them in your life and find a benefit for you!


There truly is no easier time to NOURISH your body than summer time. Crunchy salads, nutrient dense smoothies (made with Haka Whey Protein, of course!!), homemade smoothie pops, fresh fruits, grilled meats and veggies..... it's all part of the summer fun! Plus living in Florida, I spend as much time as possible in as little clothing as I can get away with making the motivation to keep the muffin top in check at a higher than average level. I believe that nourishing your body means you don't sacrifice flavor or social interaction. That means you don't go to a BBQ Pool party and sip some weirdly colored drink in some logo-ed shaker bottle while everyone eats food. Have a beer for goodness sakes (not 12) and find the best quality thing that is available. Better yet, bring a dish yourself and chow down!



Kale, lots of it- (organic, not organic, pre-chopped, whole, purple... it doesn't matter)

Watermelon- cut up in small chunks

Flavorful cheese- I like Blue cheese or gorgonzola best for this

Avocado- 1-2 of them, peeled, seeded and cut

Walnuts- roasted and salted pepitas are good too!

1-2 Lemons- juice them into a bowl

Honey- just a drizzle

Himalayan salt

Olive oil- for something like this, I use the BEST olive oil I have

Put the kale in a large salad bowl. I usually remove the biggest stems. Pour on the lemon juice. Drizzle on a good dose of Olive Oil and a bit of honey. Shake on some Himalayan salt. Now, get your hands in the mix and massage the kale for a minute or two, just to get everything well coated and mixed. Add the avocado, watermelon, nuts and cheese on top. That's it! So easy and delicious

You can actually use about any fruit- strawberries, blueberries, pear- and this turns out great! While we are talking about summer and grilling and such things, go ahead get this BOURBON SMOKED SALT.


"It feels sooo good to just move, to do something. I haven't done ANYTHING in weeks." This comment is repeated over and over by people who walk through the doors at Haka Fitness. It started with an injury and thought the solution was "to rest." But what is rest? I'm going to argue that there are very few instances where NOT moving is the solution. Movement is Medicine. Moving, albeit properly, is the solution. Casting your body in a position of no movement just perpetuates the problem and creates more.

We can all picture the arm or leg that has been in a cast- weak, pale. It doesn't even look healthy! That is what is happening when you stop moving. Movement keeps everything alive. Stagnation is literally death. That brings me to my new favorite thing: The JOINT WASH. I try to do some sort of mobility work every single day. I get it, though, that not everyone has the same level of comfort with movement that I do. When my friend Kellen Milad introduced this simplified version to me, I was all about it.

Here's an easy 8 min version. Try to do it 3-5 days a week and see how much better you feel!



I know I've been talking a lot about spending time in nature. It's ok to roll your eyes. A couple of years ago, I would have rolled my eyes too. But then I actually decided to do it, to spend the time outside, to get away from all the distractions. And I couldn't believe the difference in my mental health.

We all know about meditation and mindfulness. We all know that the benefits are indisputable. I can't do meditation, I just can't. And only recently can I relax and be still enough to actually enjoy Yoga. I've found that I can't be still for the sake of being still, no matter how good it might be for me. I actually found the solution to this missing link in my health within the whole "nature thing." I can be realllllly still if I'm trying to hear a bird and find it, or identify some plants. I tune in to everything around me, block out the monkey mind, and use my senses at a new (undistracted) level. My kids are catching on too.

"Listen!" I say with my finger to my lips. We all freeze and quietly scan the trees. Moving slowly to a seated position, we listen as hard as we can. Before we know it, the forest comes back alive and the birds change their tune, like literally. With our Field Guide in hand (this one is the best for us) and a pair of inexpensive binoculars (these for Colt), we try to find all the sounds.


FULFILLMENT is the culmination of the Human Experience.

Ultimately, we all hope to experience deep satisfaction with ourselves and connection with others. Being part of something bigger than the individual experience, provides a platform for growth and as each person tugs gently on their own strand of humanity, a beautiful web of experience unfolds. Find A Tribe. Connect Deeply. Nurture Growth.

It's been over a year since I read the book Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger. Read it. You can also listen to this fantastic interview with Joe Rogan and Sebastian Junger. Then you'll go buy the book and read it for sure :-)


Every spring and Every Fall, I plant Sunflowers. I started it the year Colt was born. I had always wanted to have sunflowers but never just did it. Do it. They are so easy and truly amazing. Every day I come hoe to these massive, beautiful flowers that are literally as high as my home. You can't help but to stop for a breath on your way inside and marvel at the wonders of the world.