Carrot Cake Balls

Almond Joy Date Balls have long been incredibly popular around the Haka house for a quick, portable snack or a sweet treat. But the other day, I was needing a little change. A client had recently told me about a different version and how yummy they were. So, I decided to toss some stuff in the food processor and see what I could do. The result? Carrot Cake. Not literally, but something that tasted like someone balled up some carrot cake and stuck it on a stick..... like a cake pop. Minus the regret, though ;-) For the record, I totally count this as a vegetable serving. It has Carrots in it, after all. These are also Colt approved and requested... daily..... sometimes hourly. And I don't care. I feed him as many as he wants. Have at it, kid!


Carrot Cake Balls


1 Cup shredded Carrots or a big handful of baby carrots

1 cup raw walnuts

12 medjool dates, pits removed

1 t cinnamon

dash of sea salt

dash of vanilla extract

2 T Coconut Flour

Optional: 1-2 T coconut Oil and 1 T Great Lakes Gelatin (green container). These just boost nutrient value.

Unsweetened Coconut to roll the balls in


In a food processor, pulse the carrots until finely ground. Add walnuts and pulse. Add the dates, cinnamon, sea salt and vanilla and pulse. If the mixture doesn't come all together as a big ball, turn on the food processor and add just a dash of water at a time until it does. Then add the coconut flour. Spoon out 1-2 T at a time and roll in the unsweetened coconut to form balls. Store in refrigerator.