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Becca's Fab Five- October Edition

Over on my personal blog, I’m always sharing anecdotes from my personal life and trying to touch on some of the deeper thoughts that plague us as we age, get married, embrace our story, raise children, and question our existence. But every month, I like to publish a quick Fab Five. It’s just five little things that are working over at our house. I hope you’ll find something that makes your life just a little better, too! ~ Becca

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Wednesday Musings: Why Strength Matters

Slow it down! That looked too easy! Make it hurt! Anyone who has worked out in one of my classes is very familiar with me shouting these words at them during a class. Too often I look around the gym and I see people rushing around. Paying no mind to their form, whether it was truly difficult, or if they are even doing the thing I’ve asked them to do.

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