Christmas Tree Fail.... Yes, Again.

If you've been around long, you know that it's actually just not even Christmas if Mark and I don't have a Christmas Tree fail.

Whether the entire tree falls or it dies one day into its Christmas brilliance or we short circuit the electricity for the entire house, we have not managed in our nearly six years together to have the picture perfect tree standing proudly in our home shining brightly with Christmas cheer. In fact, two years ago, we literally had to tie the tree semi-upright with the cord to the blinds after it continued to fall over and over again. So we got smart this year.... we thought. In our attempt to simplify, we opted for a tiny little $22 tree from Wal-Mart. It stands not quite 5' tall and it has a special character all its own. I felt that tightness in my stomach that I have come to associate with this "joyful" Christmas tradition as I stood in line watching a 100yr old woman in a meat department coat hacking the bottoms off the trees with an electric turkey carver. The little knife would whir and sputter and get stuck. She'd curse and try again, essentially removing hunks of tree. I looked at Mark with trepidation."Is this necessary? I mean, we already are tempting fate just by buying this thing...." He gave the slightest nod of his head, grabbed the little pine with one hand and we bee-lined for the car feeling smug because we thought ahead and also purchased a small tree stand for our small tree.

We pull into our driveway quite proud of our Christmas Tree prowess. Unload Tree. Unload Stand. My dad shows up right about that time because Father in Laws must ALWAYS witness these types of fails, save the day, and prove that no matter how strong their son in law may appear Daddy can still come to the rescue. We place our wee tree in our wee stand and begin to tighten the screws...And tighten...And tighten until there is no more to tighten. The screws are not even touching our tree. It's too small.

Our tree is standing. We always manage to figure something out. This year it is surrounded by pieces of 2x4 just so the tree stand can reach something, anything, and provide support. And in this little thing, I can find reassurance. No matter how much we change, we are still the same :-)