Did Your Grandma Give You That Recipe? Part 1

I have come to realize that when it comes to nutrition, people are not just kind of confused. People are so incredibly confused that they just simply quit trying. If the box deems it healthy in some way, shape, or form it must be and if it's not I don't know what is! I'm here to tell you that knowing what is healthy really is not that hard. As a matter of fact I bet if I gave you a pop quiz, you'd get every answer correct....

Let's try it!
Pick one: Apple or Apple juice? Chicken or chicken nugget?  Sweet Potato or French Fries?

How'd you do? Got 'em all didn't ya? You're right. Those were easy and the big picture really is that easy too. What catches people is all the minute details, the words on the boxes, the health claims, the whole wheat vs. white, the Truvia vs. Equal vs Splenda. Well, allow me to help. I am going to give you 5 things to consider before any bite of food even crosses your lips. We are going to cover these 5 things one at a time and then, I'm even going to help you know how to apply them to real life. GASP! So hold on, I'm about to simplify a $10 billion industry down to just 5 little articles. Feel free to send me the money I save you on fad diets, shake mixes, meals delivered to your house, weight loss books, magic pills, and unicorns! Here we go!

Question 1 to consider before you eat that. How many steps did that food take to get to its current state? Fewer is better, plain and simple. Think about what you had for lunch today. Break it down into parts. Let's say you could have opted for some sort of meat. Heck, a steak. But instead, you chose some sort of pounded, breaded, battered, and fried chicken. Which had less steps? The steak. Which was the better choice? The steak. How about your afternoon snack? You could choose an apple, maybe. Easy. Tree to mouth. And some Natural Peanut Butter. Peanuts.... squashed. Orrrrrrrrrrr, you could have chosen a CLIF bar or some other protein bar. Um, what exactly is step one for making that?? Simple, right?

So here's your challenge... try to think about this guideline before you put something in your mouth. It doesn't mean you can't have it. But, the more steps it takes to make it, the less of it you should eat!