Did Your Grandma Give You That Recipe? Part 2

Question 2 to consider before you eat that: Would your Great Grandma recognize that food? There is no question that people of earlier generations had a better grasp on a healthy life. They produced their own food, ate three square meals (none of this snacking in between business), went to bed when it got dark, woke up when it got light out, and worked, physically WORKED all day long. Take a look at the foods you eat.... would your Great Granny have grown up eating Goldfish Crackers? Fruit Loops? Protein Bars? I doubt it! If it's a food that would be unrecognizable 2 generations ago, chances are really good that it is processed, has added chemicals, added sweeteners, added dyes and flavors.... and who knows what else is in there!

Take this question a step further too. HOW would your great grandmother have eaten? She would have eaten at a table with people having conversation and enjoying the experience. There is an old farm saying "After lunch, Rest awhile. After dinner, Walk a mile." Not only that but the animals they ate would have been raised cage-free, roaming and eating the things they were supposed to eat. With this in mind, try to eat Free Range Chicken and Grass Fed Beef whenever possible. These meats have a better ratio of Omega 3 fats, provide more vitamins and minerals, and are less likely to have any type of antibiotics or hormones. Try ROGER'S MEAT MARKET (right next to Haka) for meats that are cut fresh by a butcher than can tell you exactly where they came from. They also have free range and grass fed meats for good prices in a variety of cuts!

Let us know how it goes!