My Best Health Advice? Don't Eat Like an Asshole

Jake and I have been talking a lot lately about the ever-present confusion of our clients about what to eat or not eat. We try SO DAMN HARD to get people to understand that they don’t have to be so crazy about “dieting.” Eating well, as we prescribe it, is actually pretty easy.

I blogged about just that thing over on my personal blog the other day. I figured I would share My Best Health Advice here, too.

Don’t Eat Like an Asshole.



In the health and Fitness realm this podcast is getting a lot of attention:

These three brilliant men sit for OVER THREE HOURS trying to pin each other down WWE style.... over dietary nuance . FACE PALM This kind of bullshit drives me crazy! It perpetuates confusion (as if there isn't enough already) and creates unnecessary barriers. Our clients at Haka Fitness feel lost and defeated, and one little failure leads to a vicious downward spiral. “Becca, I have no idea what to eat!” Ugh.

At one point in the debate, Dr Kahn tries to settle the everything down and draw attention to the ONE IMPORTANT POINT in the whole thing. If everyone in America ate like any one of the three of them, the debate wouldn't even be happening. You see, nutrition is so much more fluid than some arbitrary label, or strict set of guidelines. Human Nourishment has historically crossed the continents, survived the seasons, and evolved with availability.

Humans are still here.... Ta-Da!! Craziness....


There are lots of ways to eat and combine Macros and experience food. The single most important thing in the ENTIRE QUESTION OF WHAT TO EAT?? Consume the best quality, whole, unprocessed, natural foods you can afford, cook most of your food yourself, and do it most of the time.

  1. Eat the best quality, whole, unprocessed, natural foods you can afford. Don’t complicate it. Simple foods that haven’t been changed very much from how they occur naturally. Decide what things are most important to you (organic, grass-fed, etc), spend your dollars on those, and be ok with it.

  2. Cook most of your food yourself. If you make this one change, you will drastically change your health! Preparing food is integral to human existence. It is a basic survival skill, or at least it always has been… until now. Start easy, just a recipe a week. You’ll slowly build a repertoire and become comfortable in the kitchen.

  3. Do it most of the time. Not every meal, not every day. They aren’t hard and fast “rules.” There’s no need to feel guilty if you don’t get it perfect all the time. Nutrition is fluid.

That's it.

It's not sexy and it's a terrible book title. It is, however, the answer to your constant on and off dieting. It’s the answer to healthy eating that sticks for the long term without being miserable. It’s the answer to 90% of the health issues that will eventually crush our economy.

Basically, #DontEatLikeAnAsshole ❤️