Foam Rolling--- It's for EVERYONE!

Foam Rolling, or what some of our clients jokingly call "Torture," is a crucial part maintaining a healthy, pain free body; improving sports performance; and just feeling better.... all accomplished on your living room floor...

What?!?!? Hog Wash! How can one thing.... one very inexpensive thing, mind you.... make so much difference for so many people? What is this foam rolling? A foam roller is a cylindrical device composed of some type of dense foam material (kind of like a very very hard pool noodle, but not as much fun). The foam roller is used by applying pressure in the form of body weight to areas of soreness or along the muscles in a type of self massage. The long sweeping motions, or firm static pressure excite the Golgi Tendon Organs within the muscle and signal muscle fibers to relax. These adhesions, or Trigger Points, or sore spots (whatever you want to call them) create bundles of tension in the muscle which shorten the range of motion, create sensations of pain, and increase risk of injury.

At Haka Fitness, we believe in the magical powers of the elusive foam roller... ok, ok, it's just science and foam rollers are easy to find.... but after a good foam rolling session you will feel like someone has done something magical! If you have an ache or pain and wonder if foam rolling will help, the answer is most likely YES! Stop by any time and let one of our educated staff members show you how to do everything from running a marathon to sitting i the recliner better and with less pain. It'd be our pleasure!

Want more info? Check out this site for more info and videos on foam rolling.

Ready to order one?

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