Frozen Deliciousness.... So Yummy and Kid Approved!

I like dessert. You like dessert (unless you're weird). My nephews like dessert. Mark likes dessert. Baby Colt likes food. Healthy + Yummy + Dessert never seem to be in the same sentence, which is oh so unfortunate. I have your solution!


I was recently introduced to these absolutely life changing silicone Popsicle molds and I knew I would be forever grateful. You see, I LOVE ice cream. I don't care fit's fudge pops or ice cream bars or just a scoop of plain vanilla. In the past few months, I've been making a delicious homemade ice cream with the most real ingredients you can get. But, I still wouldn't call it a health food. Plus, sometimes I want something cold and creamy during the day... like right after breakfast even. And you just cannot justify ice cream (even made with raw milk and organic sugar) after breakfast. Enter the life changing popsicle molds. It's so easy. I make a delicious creamy smoothie- maybe a fruity strawberry and coconut milk one, or banana with almond butter and unsweetened cocoa. I simply divide my smoothie amongst the molds and pop them in the freezer. Voila! I have a delicious frozen treat that can be super healthy, or sometimes not so healthy, and perfectly portioned! Here are some tips and ideas for success and flavors...

  1. My favorite one so far I made with 3 bananas, a little raw cream (but you could use organic cream or full fat yogurt), a healthy scoop of almond butter, and a big spoonful of cocoa powder. Add a smidge of vanilla, if you like. If it's for kids (older than 2) or adults you could substitute a high quality chocolate protein powder (pleeeeease read the label! ).
  2. Another good one is blended up frozen strawberries with coconut milk and vanilla extract. If the berries aren't very sweet, add a bit of honey. And again, some vanilla protein could give this a little more staying power.
  3. My Sister in Law has been making all kinds of crazy flavors with coconut milk, pumpkin, and cinnamon. She also did a more fruity concoction with mango and pineapple, I think. I made a more icee version that Colt like after we've been playing outside with Coconut water, cucumber (peeled) and cantaloupe. It's very refreshing!
  4. The biggest tip to me (and I prefer mine to be extra creamy and satisfying) is to be sure to have some fat in there like the cream, yogurt, or coconut milk. This really creates that yummy dessert feel!
  5. Some things you can "sneak" in for added benefit: powdered probiotics, gelatin (I like this high quality one), and milled flax seeds

I hope you and your family find these as much fun as we have! Please share fun flavor combos with us... the possibilities are endless!