Haka Strength Series...

The Haka Strength Series is upon us. We are squat deep in the most recent programming and it feels good! Rolling out the Strength Series has been a bit of a change. For some, it's awesome! Others, though, are a bit skeptical and wary of the change. Strength can be intimidating, no doubt about it, and many people have valid concerns. We've had to talk a few people off the cliff (so to speak) in the last few weeks. So, let's talk about your concerns and let you know why we're doing what we do!

"The Strength Series asks me to lift heavy weights! I am afraid of injuring my back/knee/etc."

You're right. We are pushing MOST of you to lift a little heavier right now. We assessed strength, initially, in some basic lifts and we'll be using those assessments to determine just the right pace for increasing the weight to challenge you. We're starting with 65% and we'll slowly increase over the weeks. Understand that form and tempo are key here. We're asking you to give us your BEST movement and if it doesn't feel right, ASK! We're here to coach you through the movement and provide alternatives when something isn't right for you!

"I don't want to get bulky during the Strength Series."

Ok, I know you associate lifting heavy weights with big muscles. I am here to tell you that yes, those people with big muscles, they lift heavy weights. But, they lift realllllllly heavy weights in the 1-3 rep range. That's not what we're asking you to do, other than during the assessment. Those people also consume a CRAP TON of calories to repair muscle tissue and increase mass. If you feel like you are getting some bulk, it's a sign that it might be time to dial in on nutrition. You absolutely CANNOT gain muscle during a caloric stagnation or deficit.

"I'm not drenched in sweat when I do a Strength Series workout, and my FitBit says I only burned 300 calories. I burn more when I run."

Again, you are correct. You did not burn as much during your lifting session as you will when you run. However, when you stop running the calorie burn stops and the ravenous hunger to replace depleted glycogen stores (thats carbohydrates) begins. You likely OVER-compensate when you run due to the cortisol shooting through your blood stream. Don't get me wrong, that's not all bad. But, running alone will not achieve the physical results you want... that "look" you are chasing. After a strength session, the metabolism is boosted for several hours. PLUS, the added muscle requires more calories just to exist. In effect, you increased your metabolism. Plus, lifting provides a variety of multi joint movements that will help PREVENT injury as you pursue the things you love... like running!


We put a LOT of thought into the workouts we provide for you at Haka. Trust me, we want you to be Super Human Machines just begging for people to ask how you look so good and have so much energy. Change can be intimidating, but we're here to support you every step of the way!! As the workouts in the Strength Series progress, we've even included options for those who don't want to continue making more and more gains and, instead, prefer to follow a more general fitness route. As always, we love your feedback! I hope this helps those of you who haven'tfallen in love with the barbell....yet!