The Human Experience

I know my life is different than most.

As the Lake of Knowledge grows, so does the Shore of Ignorance. And that shore, that's what beckons me. It's a gnawing desire so deep, so primal; it's a constant urge to continue to grow, to learn. And yet even as my knowledge increases, as my experiences broaden my views and deepen my compassion, the vastness of what I then realize I STILL haven't learned, understood or mastered grows ever larger.

This cat and mouse game is never ending.

I believe that we all possess this desire. I also believe it gets lost in the noise of life. The squeaking of "the hamster wheel" is so loud and annoying... and distracting... that it becomes easier to just live with the noise than to make it stop altogether. We try to block the noise with other noise like news reels, social media, doing more, buying more, faking it more. And thus, the days repeat and nothing changes if nothing changes.

The human experience requires that we actively participate in our life.

It requires that we cook, that we go outdoors, move our bodies, and engage in true and real conversation with other humans. We must raise our children, actively participate in their lives, and create a purposeful existence. The human experience requires that we protect the very essence of what it means to be a human. The very acts that made us human to begin with are the acts that bring us back to humanity.

You CAN stop the squeaking of the hamster wheel.

It takes time.

It takes effort.

It even takes failure.

Today, is a great day to evaluate where you are checking out, where you are making noise just to cover up the squeaking. Where are your efforts misplaced? Are you investing time and energy into things that don't matter but that take your time and energy away from what does? What can you quit doing in order to open up some space to actually "DO" something?

I'm sure you know the answers. Now, go make it happen....