I Am Certain....

To my Haka Tribe:

I am exhausted. Literally, I am emotionally exhausted by the last week of life. Nearly five years we have been in this thing, nearly five years we have spent building a diverse group of people who have cried and screamed and sweated and laughed and lifted each other up out of darkness. And in the course of a week, I feel we are holding on to the raveled edges of a few ropes. No, not in person. We haven’t had outbursts or arguments in person. Rather, we have seen outpourings on social media. Then, we stand by and watch as our diverse population stand across from each other tip-toeing through meaningless conversation until they step out the door and can once again envelop themselves in the fire. Each session is an emotional Russian Roulette of walking in some compassionate grey area, guiding conversation, and choosing workouts based on the collective “feel” of the hour.

If I read one more blog post or article that mentions “these uncertain times”, I might literally ram my fist through the internet. Let’s be clear on something, Friends. Today is not any more uncertain than yesterday. And tomorrow will also be equally uncertain. Life teeters and totters and rarely ever stays right in the middle for very long. Life is inherently uncertain, and it always has been.

Rather, I believe these are very CERTAIN times.

I am certain that now is the best time in your life to RECLAIM CONVERSATION… like, the real face-to-face-over-coffee-and-cookies kind. Yes, I’ll even ignore the sugar and gluten in the cookies for the sake of a real conversation. I am certain that now is a great time to unplug, go outdoors, and take a general break from all the information flying at you from every direction. I am certain that coming “back to the dinner table” will benefit you and your family in more ways than one. I am certain that slowing down the pace of your life will help take the edge off your stress level. I am certain that focusing your attention on the values within your own house will have more far-reaching effects than you might think. I am certain that counting to ten before you speak (or type), giving people the benefit of the doubt, and practicing the art of listening will go a long way in creating true compassion for others. More than anything, I am certain that there are more people with whom you have some common ground than those with whom you have none.

You see, you are already different from the masses. When you joined the Haka Tribe, you already set yourself apart by aligning with others who know there is a better, healthier life. When you stopped for a minute to read this, you proved that your life and well-being are valuable enough to stop, to reflect, to learn. You are already going against the flow (whether you know it or not) because you care, damn it. You are proving that! You are the very thread that is woven through our community to create this awesome thing we have going on.

But, we still have so much more work to do. I am certain.

Change, positive change, does not happen overnight. Anyone who has lost 20 lbs or trained to run a marathon can tell you that. You have to lose 1 lb before you lose twenty and it is impossible to run 26 miles if you’ve never run one. It takes time…. and effort….. and courage, too. Oh, and then there is the business of maintaining that positive change. Just as in your health, so it is in the world. You must start small, in your own home. Then slowly, ever so slowly, you can begin to reach out and envelop friends and families and communities. You can allow them to begin to see the beautiful passion that makes you shine as a light into their darkness. You can begin to light the way.

I am certain that this light is burning bright in our Haka Community.

I see it spreading all the time.

Right now, in these certain times, I know that we are lighting the way to a better community in Lakeland and beyond.


Kia Kaha Warriors!