It's a Good Life... More or Less

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to remove stuff from my life. It really all came to a head last weekend when I literally loaded our leather couch onto a trailer and had it carted off to the Salvation Army. I just couldn’t stand the thought of wiping it down and I can’t even remember the last time I sat on it. The main area of our house is now wide open and easy to sweep…. And I hated that couch anyways! Frankly, if Mark hadn’t been home, it’s possible that the entirety of the inside of our house would have been hauled off. Maybe a little rash…. Maybe… The semi-dramatic removal of our couch (much to the dismay of a certain bulldog) got me thinking a lot about all the stuff we bring into our lives and how much we struggle to remove stuff. If you’re anything like me, and I’m gonna bet that you are, you probably bring too much into your life until you are up to your eyeballs and struggling to find balance again. But this tendency to bring in rather than remove doesn’t just apply to commitments. So often, people come to me asking “What can I take to help me sleep better?” or “I think I need to add in more cardio in order to lose weight…” or “What medicine do you recommend for my digestive issue?” Unfortunately, the real solution is almost always removing something. Need more sleep? Remove the electronics and caffeine. Wanna lose more weight? Cut out some of the stress and extra snacks. Digestive Stress? Let’s try an elimination diet and see what’s at the root of the problem.

Mark and I are constantly amazed at how hard we have to work to keep our lives in check. I can’t tell you how often we listen to the health struggles of our clients and know that the answer is actually LESS when they seem to think the answer is MORE- More workouts for a better body, more supplements for all that ails you, more activities for well-rounded kids, more vacations, more cars, more super foods, more juicing, more protein, more availability for work, more connection. And in the midst of so much more, there is no time for less. Every single time I remove something from my life, whether it’s a box of junk, old running shoes, or a commitment I’m not really that passionate about, the sense of relief is immeasurable. And generally speaking, my body has looked it’s best when I am not running a million miles and squeezing in 5 lifting sessions plus two yogas (to relax, of course, right?) and a long ride on the weekend.

The art of relaxation is a lost one. And resilience has gone right out the door with it. Our modern lifestyle is at such odds with our primal bodies, that we often don’t even know what It would feel like to be relaxed, rested. The MORE or LESS equation is a fancy dance but the steps really are quite simple.

MORE activities, MORE rushing around, LESS free time hanging out at home

MORE electronics, MORE zoning out, LESS real conversation

MORE commitments, MORE nights out, LESS family dinners

I know throwing out a stinky old couch isn’t going to solve all the world’s problems and I certainly need to keep practicing my fancy dance, no doubt. My prayer for my own family and for each of you is that we can all get the steps down and over time it will all just be second nature… MORE quality time with our families, MORE good conversation, MORE great moments, LESS rushing around doing stuff that doesn’t matter anyway, LESS stuff, LESS chaos, MORE satisfaction, MORE good health, and of course MORE Haka Fun!