Kia Ora! Be well, Be healthy

Every so often, I find myself in a bit of a pickle. Ok, well actually if the truth be told, I seem to always find myself in strange situations. But that is a completely different conversation. It goes sort of like this: I am riding along, just cruising through life. My tunes are blasting in my ears, my head is bee-bopping side to side. I am, inevitably, belting out some song at the top of my lungs. Life is good and I am carelessly blissful. And then, in an instant, the road is gone and I am wide-eyed with hands on the brakes and the tires squealing...... My heart races, the adrenaline pumps full steam ahead, all my muscles tense, and I am so wound up that the ensuing crash is almost a blissful finale.

Sprawled out, twisted, battered and bruised, spread eagle on the ground. I can't help but to laugh at myself. Hmmm. This view is familiar! I have seen it before!! I have powered forward at full speed so quickly, almost desperately even, focused so fully on the horizon that I didn't even see the gigantic wall RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! This isn't the first crash and I can say with full confidence that it will not be the last. It is in my bones, my very nature. Like a 3 yr old running hog wild through the house in an attempt to stay awake, I run at full tilt trying to do anything to avoid quiet and silence. Anything to stay out of my head. I hate that place. Stillness makes my mind suffocate and scream for help. The thoughts and doubts (yes, I have them too) are my dementors and it is so much easier to outrun them than to face them.

When we started Haka Fitness, it was one of our biggest desires to help people not only become more fit, but to become more "well." As I have grown older and (relatively speaking) calmer, I have come to appreciate that health goes so far beyond a perfect body. Good Health means balancing the areas of your life and enriching every experience with good relationships. Life never stays in perfect balance, it's not natural. Various forces are always pulling until things are out of kilter and then the process of readjustment.... the PAINFUL process of readjustment.... ensues. Finding equilibrium usually involves taking stock of life and making hard decisions. Whether it be the decision to quit something or invest time more wisely or cut out an expense, it usually hurts a bit. But it is these tough decisions that create experience and wisdom. And that experience and wisdom gives us something to pull from the next time it happens, and it will happen.

So how is your health? Are you out of balance in life? Do you have the ability to take control of that and make your hard decision?

My hope is that I can learn to embrace the calmness. That I can find a peaceful blackness inside my head, rather than the cave-like place that is there now. The cave with all the bright eyes glowing from every direction refusing to declare themselves friend or foe. *shudder* I'm getting better. I've learned to breathe and not react too quickly. I've learned the value of resting a moment and stopping for a glass of wine on the porch...

I just forget sometimes...

Hug your loved ones. See the beauty around you. Rest. Be patient, compassionate. Know your weaknesses and make them strengths.

It’s our sincere hope at Haka Fitness that we can help you to grow in every aspect of your life. We want you to have a good life with all the wonderful challenges and realities that make it interesting. We hope that we can share our own life lessons along with our knowledge of fitness and wellness to create a community of people who continuously hold each other accountable, speak honestly, and challenge each other to be better each and every day.

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