Kids and Fitness: A Few Rules of Thumb

Fitness for Kids is super important! It keeps them feeling good and keeps everyone who cares for them sane, too. But the world of kids' activities has changed drastically over the last decade. Sometimes, it's good to check in and make sure your kids' activities make sense... IMG_20160126_195101 They need movement, lots of it!  

This might seem obvious but many kids get surprisingly little activity in the day. Between sitting in a desk and doing homework, it's not unusual for most of the day to be spent seated... and that's not even counting TV time. Kids need to MOVE!

Kid's Fitness needs to be FUN! I get it that life isn't always fun. But when it comes to kids and exercise, it's really important that they enjoy it more often than not. Make sure your child is involved in some sort of movement activity they reallly love- gymnastics, dance, a sport, or even just riding their bike up and down the street.

Part of Fitness is RECOVERY! I know it seems like kids have endless energy. Research shows, however, that kids need days to rest and recover. Running from activity to activity requires a child to be "on point" non stop. It may seem like your giving them stuff to do, but really, most kids need less to do. Organized activities still require a ton of mental focus, self control, and rule following. Be sure your kids have a few days a week with no scheduled activity.

Kids need FREEDOM! Many kids today are so scheduled and organized that little time remains to just be a kid. Look for ways to encourage your kids to create new games and activities of their own. Give them some time to play without standing right on top of them and let them problem solve for themselves.