Kids Cook: Chia Pudding

Feeding kids can be hard...

Don't Battle, OUTSMART!

Lately, Colt has been exerting his opinion (and seeming power) more frequently at the dinner table... and the lunch table... and the breakfast table. He loves allllll sorts of foods but has realized that my sole purpose in life is to nourish him and his sole purpose in life in to have me wringing my hands wondering if he is going to, like, DIE of malnutrition. The other day I caught myself literally serving him snacks at his request as he sat in his chair playing. Let's just say as soon as I recognized what was happening, he figured out how to get his cute little two year old ass up to get his own damn food!! Sneaky little turd. But I digress... Colt has shown a HUGE interest in cooking and i really try to just let him. Yes, it gets messy sometimes. I have good news, though!!

Kids can cook some HEALTHY stuff and then they even EAT IT!

This Chia pudding is awesome because it doesn't require exact measurements and I'll show you how I made it more of an experience for him too. The ingredients are pretty darn clean and boast some added nutritional superpowers that your kid might be missing if they like to fixate on one special food for. every. meal.





about 1/4 Cup chia seeds

2-3 T Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (these are allergen free and super yum)

1 T raw honey

about 1.5 Cup Liquid (I use a mix of coconut milk and almond milk. Check ingredients on the package for the least fillers/gums you can find)

a dash of good quality sea salt or himalayan salt

Any combo of good smelling spices like cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice (we like this), nutmeg, etc

Optional: You can boost the nutrition EVEN MORE by sneaking in some coconut or MCT oil (like 2 T max) or some Great Lake Collagen/gelatin (the green container and just 1-2 T)



I give Colt a Tablespoon measuring spoon to scoop out the Chia so that he gets to practice the scooping and balancing and dumping. About four scoops is right. I repeat this for the chocolate chips. I also put about 10 of the mini chips on the counter for yummy nibbles :-) I close the salt thing almost totally and let him shake away to put the equivalent of a dash. Then we smell the spices and select the one we think smells bestest that day. He gets TWO shakes of the spice. Add the honey yourself (that stuff is expensive and you don't want it to get too sweet with overzealous two yr old pouring! Finally, I use a 1 Cup dry measuring cup but only fill it 1/2 full. This gives colt three dumps of the liquid. Of Course, we stir between every single step... and stir some more.... and then stir again... and stir "just onnnnne more time, Mommy". Place the whole thing in the fridge to let it congeal. And the best part? when you check back on it, if it is too liquid, add more chia. If it is too thick, add more liquid. I like it thicker because then it literally sticks to the spoon for minimal mess!

This one is a big success!