Meet The Grubbs!

   I am so pleased to introduce our family and friends at Haka Fitness to a really cool family—The Grubbs! The Grubb Family, in so many ways, is representative of a great number of American Families today. Both parents work. There are afterschool activities, and rushed mornings, and late nights, and “what the heck are we gonna do for dinner’s” and…. and…. In the end, everyone feels chaotic, everyone’s health suffers, and nobody knows how to stop the crazy downhill snowball effect that is life.

So you might ask, “What makes The Grubbs so special?” The Grubbs are special because they are ready to put a stop to the avalanche! The Grubb family has surrendered control, asked for help, and agreed to let Haka Fitness help them change their lives for the better. We are going to take this family, each of who is admittedly overweight and short on time, and we are going to show them how to eat healthy (it can even be quick meals!), how to fit exercise into their day (yes, everyone has time for exercise!), and how to sloooooow down and reduce the stress that is pushing them forward at light speed. I hope you will follow us on this journey and see that it is not a straight path to success. There are going to be pitfalls and there are going to be great successes. Each person in this family will face their own individual struggles along the way and each person will conquer those struggles in their own individual way! Hold on guys, we’ve got work to do!!

GeneralRebecca Maglischo