Movement Series 1- Thoracic Spine and Shoulders

We want you to get the most out of every workout. So we're adding videos to give you the ins and outs of the moves we use. Take time to work on these at home and make your next Haka workout your best one yet!
There is an epidemic Thoracic Spine and Shoulders tightness in our tech-savvy population. Long periods of sitting, computer work, cell phone usage, and texting all contribute to what is known in the Human Movement world as KYPHOSIS. This is a rounding of the upper back, usually accompanied by a forward head posture, extended neck, and an anterior slide of the humerus bone at the shoulder joint. It looks like this:
altered shoulders and t-spine
The Thoracic spine and the shoulders both require a certain amount of mobility for normal posture and the performance of day to day tasks. When this mobility is lost, the result can be pain in neck or shoulders, headaches, or even injury when attempting to lift weights (particularly overhead movements).
This Movement Series is one of the 4 new focus series for the next 12 weeks. Try to do it at home at least once a week to help gain proper mobility in the shoulders and T-Spine and re-establish appropriate movement. Before you begin, try this little test to see how much mobility, or lack of mobility, you currently have in this area:
  • Lie down on the floor, with your back flat against it.
  • Your knees should be up, feet and glutes flat on the floor.
  • Lock your elbows and bring your arms directly overhead, attempting to touch your wrists to the ground above your head. Don't cheat!
  • Make sure to maintain contact between your lower back and the floor; no arching your back to get your hands in place!
Your wrists should be able to touch the ground. If not, start taking action today to restore mobility to the shoulders and thoracic spine!
Start by Foam Rolling the Latissimus Dorsi. You can see that video HERE. Then, work on the movements in this series a few times a week. Take your time and use good form. It's important to accept where you are now and just work methodically to make improvements.


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