No Sugar Coating Here

When addressing just about any health concern or fitness goal, the most important factor almost always lies in the "What You Eat" category. We often find that clients are more than willing to add more hours of exercise, wake up at unGodly hours, take supplements, and do just about anything short of standing on their heads for 30 min a day. But the second the words "diet" or "nutrition" even start to tickle my lips, they throw their hands up. "I know, I know! I need to clean up my diet... I just have such a sweet tooth and I can't give up bread. It's impossible!" I remember feeling this exact same way. "Any Diet that cuts out a food group is disordered eating," I would snap in the midst of a hangry blood sugar crash. I struggled with up and down blood sugar, extra weight around my midsection, mood swings, headaches, uncontrolled emotions, and bouts of anxiety, maybe even a bit of depression. I counted every calorie, and restricted them as low as I could with no results. So I exercised more and restricted more which made me even hungrier and elevated my cravings. I became even grumpier and more dissatisfied, and I was always SOOO hungry. Eventually, I'd give in, eat all the carbs in sight, feel bad, work out extra to "make up for it," get even hungrier and so on and so on... As I began to study nutrition more intently and search for solutions to my own personal health struggles about 3 years ago, I realized that there was actually a whole movement of people who had gained control of this addiction to carbohydrates. These people didn't count calories, didn't walk around hungry, didn't get that panicked and nauseous hungry feeling. I was intrigued. And that's when I began my education with The Holistic Nutrition Lab. At the time, I committed to a strict Paleo Challenge with Betsy. I'm not going to lie, it was hard at first. I had to think completely differently. I had to be prepared at all times or I would fail. But magic happened in that first two weeks. I was full, like literally satisfied for longer than two hours at a time! My sleep improved, my midsection leaned out, and suddenly food just tasted better. By the third and fourth week, my headaches were gone and I felt like I had control of my emotions (yes, throughout the WHOLE month). I was sold!

According to Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Diet, our ancestors consumed only about 80 grams of carbohydrates a day compared to the consumption of 350 to 600 grams a day in the typical American diet. That is a significant difference and it comes with consequences! The rates of childhood obesity have tripled in the past two decades. As a result, type 2 diabetes, formerly adult onset diabetes, is at epidemic levels in adults and children alike. Less than a generation ago, type 2 diabetes in children was all but unknown, and because diabetes is a potent risk factor for cardiovascular disease, the occurrence of adult onset diabetes prior to age 10 portends the development of heart disease at an ever earlier age too. On our current trajectory, the day may don when heart attack is routinely an adolescent condition. That's scary stuff. And yet, so many people aren't willing to even consider taking steps to improve their own diet, much less the diet of their children.

Is it really necessary? Yes. Until you are ready to change what goes into your body, you will never change what your body does for you. The most expensive and powerful cars don't run on crap.

Is it hard? At first, yes. Yes, it is. Change is always a challenge. But it's doable! And, it's important. There is no amount of exercise that can undo a poor diet. You don't have to be a slave to cravings, emotions, prescriptions, hormonal imbalance, or just feeling crappy!

Today is a great day to start.


In January, we are offering several classes to help you take control:

January 4th and 11th at 5:30 pm
Change Sticks! is a brilliant framework for forming habits and driving SUCCESS by understanding your own tendencies and drivers in life. By learning how to work WITH yourself, you can stop working AGAINST yourself. You CAN be successful!

Change Sticks!  will absolutely revolutionize how you reach success at any goal- exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, work- as well as help you better understand your family and loved ones and help them be successful, too!


SugaredJanuary 7th at 5:30 pm 

If you've ever lamented about your "Sweet Tooth", this class is for you!
If you crave a pick me up mid afternoon or stash sweets in your desk, this is calling your name!
If Type 2 diabetes, high blood glucose, irregular mood swings, fatigue, or achy joints are amongst your biggest complaints, sign up now! We're taking you allllll the way micro, deep into the sugar molecule and we're tracking its course through your body. We'll check it every step of the way and see just how that sugar interacts with you... the good, the bad, and the ugly! We'll uncover the bitter truth of what these little sweet nothings are doing within and we'll discuss exactly what you can do about it!


Big FAT Lies: 
January 14th at 5:30 pm

Fat is one of those baffling topics with opposing information everywhere you look. Some of the outdated beliefs about fat are still part of our cultural belief system. It's time to demystify the truth about fats and permanently change your relationship with dietary fat! In this class, we will sort through all the information gaining a deeper understanding of the role fat plays in the body. We'll learn about different dietary fats and understand how they effect the body. We'll explore specific fats and learn which fats are better and how to use them for optimum health. This class is for you if you * fear fat * eat low fat or no fat foods without the results you want * feel hungry alllll the time * have high cholesterol, diabetes, or blood pressure issues * want to feel better and perform better than you do currently


Wanna do it all? All three classes, the Haka Games, AND the Apron's Cooking Class???

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