Did Your Grandma Give You That Recipe? Part 3

Everything we see these days is better, greater, bigger, brighter, more eye-catching than the next thing. And that holds true in the grocery store, too. Every product is enhanced to catch the eye of the consumer..... and their children! So, this leads us to

Nutrition Question #3:  Does that color occur in Nature?

If it doesn't, you shouldn't eat it. It's that simple. First and foremost, I can guarantee you that if it is brighter than nature, it is far, far, far from it's natural state. And we already talked about that.But aside from that, added color is almost always associated with added sugar, salt, chemicals, and anything else that can be added to make it a super-hard-to-resist-sorta-addictive-food.... that isn't necessary or good for you.So here's your challenge... try to think about this guideline before you put something in your mouth. It doesn't mean you can't have it. It just means you need to consider if it's the best choice for your health :-)