Rosa - A Success Story

After kid number 3 was born in August of last year, I became a stay at home mom for the first time. I quickly became overwhelmed with the ins and outs of everyday life. It was so much harder than sitting behind a desk and going to meetings all day. I wasn't doing much for myself and wasn't very happy with "getting things done." In January, a friend of my called and asked me to join a group called Couch to 5K. What - Me run? I don't think so. I thought it was a major accomplishment to WALK around Lake Hollingsworth without having to call someone to pick me up. But it was time away from the house that my wonderful husband was willing to cover for me. It was exercise which I wasn't doing. Each week, we had an assignment. A goal. Something that wasn’t related to the baby, the preschool, or feeding this crowd of picky eaters. When I ran, I was me. Just me. Yeah, I had to push a stroller sometimes, but he seemed to sense that he needed to nap during those rides.

I met people. I needed to meet people. People who understood that last Friday’s assignment was hard. People who knew I had given birth to three children but didn’t think of me as “just a mom.” People now friends, with whom I have shared this awesome journey.

My thighs no longer required me to wear jeans every day. In fact, the jeans didn’t fit anymore. But more importantly, I was happy. I had focus. I had a goal. I accomplished that goal on February 28th – I completed the Gasparilla 5K. I won’t be qualifying for the Olympics anytime soon, but I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack of 8000. The experience was amazing. I was hooked. I registered for the Mayfaire 5K immediately. I joined the Beyond 5K program. By May 9th, I had shaved 2 minutes and 10 seconds off of my time and another 10 pounds off of my body.

What’s next? The Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete on November 22nd. Yes – I know… That’s 13.1 miles. But I can do it. Rebecca and FIT2Endure are going to help me. My new friends are going to train and run with me. My family is going to continue to cheer me on.

I am writing my own personal mission statement complete with fitness, personal and relationship goals. I am more focused. I am a better wife, mother, and friend.

All I had to do was to put on a pair of running shoes.