Sleep Interview with Dr David Young

You all know that lately I have been really harping on the importance of SLEEP.

Sleep is the critical component missing in so many people's lives and it is actually even MORE IMPORTANT than diet or exercise when it comes to achieving the health you desire. Unless you desire to feel crappy, crave carbs, hold on to extra body fat and be a real turd all the time, I guess. As a matter of fact, you could be eating a PERFECT diet and working out following a PERFECT plan and absolutely every bit of it would fall apart if you weren't getting enough sleep. First, you would crave sweets, caffeine, and alcohol to try to "encourage" your body to want to continue to press on. Then, your workouts or runs would begin to suffer with an inability to recover, lift heavy, or run more quickly. The tissues of the body would not be getting appropriate repair at night. So, they would pile insult on top of insult and an injury would be inevitable. Lack of sleep would play games with your blood sugar creating a nasty insulin drip into the blood stream. Your skin becomes ashen and wrinkly and dry.... I can keep going.... But I think you get the idea. It's quite interesting the lengths we will go to in order to ensure that a baby gets enough sleep. We have an innate understanding of just how important it is for their growth, development, and attitude (!!). But, that same importance isn't applied to our own lives, as if we aren't made of the same cells doing the same repair on the same tissues.

This week, I got to reconnect with an old elementary school pal... David Young! He is a wonderfully successful doctor with additional training in the area of sleep. I felt like I needed to get a sleep expert into the Haka World to drive home everything we've been telling you We recorded our phone conversation and I hope you get some great tidbits from the conversation!

David Young

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