Snacks You Can Feel Good About!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I worry about our Little Warriors out there..... the food.... the lotions... the household cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, shampoos, perfumes, and so much more! I worry about our adult Warriors, too. One easy peasy way to make a quick change? Switch out the processed snacks full of wheat, corn, soy, dyes, flavors and all sorts of gunk. Every exposure they don't get is a win for their health as they grow into healthy Haka Warriors.  

Check out these Snack favorites from our house!



Snacks like this are perfect because they have simple ingredients. IMG_20160321_153824568

You can get actual nutrients and they are crunchy like a chip. Colt almost always has one in his hand as he walks around slobbering doing toddler things. The Banana Cinnamon has a great sweetness that makes it feel like a treat. You can get them in a six pack on Amazon here. The apple ones are a bit tangy but still sweet. These are great on a salad, too! Here are the Granny Smith ones on Amazon but there are other flavors you can try as well.


These also make a great addition to an adult trail mix with some walnuts or cashews for a pre or post workout snack. Let us know if you find them as tasty and crunchy as we do!!!

The food we put in our kids fuels them for growth and development and Snacks are a must for kids. Give them the good stuff whenever you can!