Goals, Resolution, Visions, Aspirations…..

Goals, Resolution, Visions, Aspirations…..

Whatever you call them, we all make them.

And we all break them, fall short, and leave them unfinished.

This cycle of goal setting and failing, for many people, is the norm norm and creates a pattern that I call “Stagnant Inertia.” You know this phenomenon. Somebody is talking about some new activity they have started, or race they have signed up to do, or diet plan they are starting. “Yes!” You think. “Clearly I need to do that too!” So you join in, sign up, get on board, or whatever….. for a week, or maybe a month. The enthusiasm dwindles. And suddenly, it’s a chore. It takes away from your family time. It’s too hard to follow through. You’re too stressed to devote the time. You get the idea. This person is constantly involved in something but never actually gets anywhere. They never achieve the result because they never reach the end point. I bet you can think of a million times you have done this.

So, why do so many people fail to reach their goals?

I think most people fail to reach their goals because they don’t take the time to align their goals with their values and beliefs. Let me explain: Let’s say I hear people talking about running a marathon and decide right then and there that I should join in and sign up too! That’s a great goal! But, right now I am about to get married, I have a new business where I work nearly 70 hours a week easily, I go to work at 5 am (when most running people run, so I’d have to train solo), and I LOVE to lift weights which would interfere with 20 milers since I am almost always sore. Chances are good I am going to fail to achieve this goal right now.

Goals and Priorities/Values/Beliefs MUST line up with each other!

Here, take a minute and do this exercise. On a sheet of paper, write these headings vertically down the page:

Environment: Where you spend most of your day, your home, etc

Fun/Leisure: the things you do for fun- hobbies, vacationing, activities

Personal Growth: Self Improvement, seminars, more education, reflection, journaling, etc

Spirituality/Faith: Religion, prayer, belief in a higher power

Purpose/Career: Your Profession or Calling… this can be for work or volunteerism

Financial: ability to afford what you want on your terms, debt, retirement, etc

Friends and Family Relationships: Your Children, immediate family, and closest circle of friends

Romantic Relationship: Your connection with your spouse or significant other

Fitness/Health: diet, exercise, stress management, energy, physical feats

Emotional Health: Your thoughts about yourself, your happiness, level of peace and satisfaction

Now, number them in order of importance to you. What is MOST important to you right now should get number 1. Once you have your top three, write them below in order of importance.

As you set your goals for 2014, they absolutely MUST respect the importance of these three items. If not, your success will be hindered.


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