Summer Ceviche

Beaches, Sand, Fishing, a Cold Beer, and Ceviche....

Possibly no other dish says summer in Florida quite as well as Ceviche.


When the temperatures are pressing the top of the thermometer and your shirt is soaked with sweat just thinking about walking from the car to inside, it's time to fix a meal that requires little or no prep and DEFINITELY no stove or oven! We made this Ceviche last week for a simple and light dinner. I prepped it at lunchtime and it was perfect! I enjoyed the textures of several different fish to keep it interesting, and the fresh citrus flavors with the clean tang of cilantro screamed summer lovin' to my tastebuds... ENJOY!


2 pounds fish or shrimp* (I used grouper, tuna, and shrimp, but I would've loved some little pieces of salmon in there!)

3 Limes

3/4-1 Cup Fresh Orange Juice (or the 100% OJ in a bottle is fine)

1 Cup Grape Tomatoes, halved or quartered (Cherry Tomatoes work but I like the sweetness of the grape tomatoes)

1/4 Purple Onion, finely chopped

Cilantro, chopped

Salt and Pepper

Lettuce Leaves (I used romaine because it's what I had and it's crunchier than bibb)

Avocado.... LOTS


Rice, optional


1. Peel and De-vein shrimp, if needed. Cut all fish/shrimp into bite size pieces. I think smaller is better.

2. Juice the limes right into the bowl and add the OJ until all the fish is covered.

3. Add the tomatoes, onion, and a bunch of Cilantro. Plus, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

4. Cover and let stand in fridge at least 2 hours but 4 is even better!

5. To serve, slice the avocado and place in the lettuce leaves. Drizzle with Sriracha. Add a bit of rice if you like (Jasmine rice is my fave). Top with Ceviche, wrap it up, and enjoy!!