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3 Guidelines to Not Be A Shitty Human

I kind of vomit a bit in my mouth saying it. It’s a bit of a millennial, entrepreneur, bullshit bio-hacker buzzterm right now. You can find articles and videos everywhere telling how you can optimize your entire life or bio-hack your way to the body of your dreams. And they aren’t totally wrong! I just have a problem with how they present it.

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The Real Resolution You Need But Likely Aren't Making.....

This will not be a popular post. It’s ok. I’m a big girl.

I made the agreement with myself years ago, when I opened Haka Fitness, that I would speak truth unabashedly to #MyTribe. I have not strayed from that promise and in the shining hope of this New Year, I will not again. Sometimes, things have to be said. Sometimes, they have to be said over and over and over again until they gain some traction.

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Wednesday Musings: The Holiday "Freeze"

Instead we lose them to the undefeated champion of excuses, time. Not enough of it, needing to focus it elsewhere, needing to figure out a better schedule. And nowhere does this become more of a factor than during the holidays. “Oh, I just have so much going on right now, I’ll be back in January I promise!”

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