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Becca's Not So Fab Five

You also may not have noticed, and that’s ok, too. But I noticed. I actually noticed every single one of the ways I have sucked since about the second week of January. A huge dark cloud has been hanging over me and try as I might, I simply could not find any light. Was I depressed? Hell, I don’t know… maybe. I have no doubt that many doctors would’ve happily slapped a script in my hand and patted my tush as I walked out the door. Problem solved. I’ve gone that route and I don’t like that Becca.

Rather than running from anything less than perfect, there’s glory in just sitting in the crappiness; in making peace with it. And that’s what I’ve been doing while I haven’t been doing ALLLLLLLL the extra things that make my business and life more successful. So this month, I’m bringing you the Not So Fab Five. It’s five little things that helped me as I was wandering around with the dark cloud trying to make friends with the Mullygrubs so they would return me to my less than “normal” life that I love so much.

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Wednesday Musings: The Number One Reason Why People Fail to Accomplish Their Goals

Which sounds like a mindset that is setting you up for long term success? Which one will carry you to new goals and help you live a fulfilled existence and leave you feeling empowered by your choices? And which sets you up for a life of misery, being at the whim of what must be done? Don’t think about it too hard, there is an obvious answer.

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The Real Resolution You Need But Likely Aren't Making.....

This will not be a popular post. It’s ok. I’m a big girl.

I made the agreement with myself years ago, when I opened Haka Fitness, that I would speak truth unabashedly to #MyTribe. I have not strayed from that promise and in the shining hope of this New Year, I will not again. Sometimes, things have to be said. Sometimes, they have to be said over and over and over again until they gain some traction.

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Wednesday Musings: The Holiday "Freeze"

Instead we lose them to the undefeated champion of excuses, time. Not enough of it, needing to focus it elsewhere, needing to figure out a better schedule. And nowhere does this become more of a factor than during the holidays. “Oh, I just have so much going on right now, I’ll be back in January I promise!”

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Wednesday Musings: Elections Edition - The Tribe

Instead we spend our time on social media or watching the news, getting the worst of the worst news from faraway parts of the country about people we will never know and issues we will never face, and we get angry. We create tribes with people who don’t know our lives and our problems and we ignore the very people whose homes we drive by every morning and walk by the on the street every day.

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Becca's Fab Five- October Edition

Over on my personal blog, I’m always sharing anecdotes from my personal life and trying to touch on some of the deeper thoughts that plague us as we age, get married, embrace our story, raise children, and question our existence. But every month, I like to publish a quick Fab Five. It’s just five little things that are working over at our house. I hope you’ll find something that makes your life just a little better, too! ~ Becca

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