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Why Your Injury Is Almost Definitely Your Own Fault

They are the product of what happens when we ignore the warning signs and continue on an improper plan of action rather then slow down, swallow our pride, and do it correctly. It’s not that you were exercising freely when injury beset you, it’s that you were exercising POORLY when injury caught up to you.

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Wednesday Musings: The Number One Reason Why People Fail to Accomplish Their Goals

Which sounds like a mindset that is setting you up for long term success? Which one will carry you to new goals and help you live a fulfilled existence and leave you feeling empowered by your choices? And which sets you up for a life of misery, being at the whim of what must be done? Don’t think about it too hard, there is an obvious answer.

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Wednesday Musings: Why Strength Matters

Slow it down! That looked too easy! Make it hurt! Anyone who has worked out in one of my classes is very familiar with me shouting these words at them during a class. Too often I look around the gym and I see people rushing around. Paying no mind to their form, whether it was truly difficult, or if they are even doing the thing I’ve asked them to do.

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