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The Perfect Time Is Now

Like many people who try and get back into an old hobby or back into a fitness regiment, I asked myself a lot of the same questions “Am I going to be any good at it now?” “Will doing this actually make a difference?” Everyone has these thoughts when trying to step back into an old pursuit. And too often they are the lingering doubts that prevent us from starting or truly dedicating ourselves to going after that old pursuit.

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Wednesday Musings: 3 Habits to Start and 3 To Leave In the New Year

No matter what your approach to the new year may be though, you could probably use some help getting where you'd like to be. And the best way to ensure you are successful in your goals for this year is to begin building successful habits, as well as ditching habits that are holding you back.

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Wednesday Musings: It Ain't Rocket Surgery

See change isn't all that complex. It’s built upon doing a lot of small things correctly over a period of time. Unfortunately this is where most people get lost. They think it’s enough to work out and stretch for 2 hours a week, completely forgetting the other 166 hours in the week. During the rest of the week they think they continue to eat like shit and sleep like shit and sit around like a sloth, yet they still expect change.

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